Mirrors are an Interior Designer’s design signature. The area where a mirror is placed creates an optical illusion and adds that touch of extravagance of space and brightness. Mirrors have replaced glass in contemporary design and are fast catching up on the creation of dream homes.

Interior designers do not restrict the use of mirrors only in bathrooms or the dressing rooms, today mirrors are used in almost all spaces and eye catching corners. Choose the right mirror and the frames to turn your home savvy.Mirrors can be different shapes and sizes to add that touch of grace and elegance.

1. Add Length And Space:

A small and lengthy passage can be illuminated to create the feeling of a large space. The expansive feel maybe created by placing a large wall mirror at the end of the passageway length since the mirror here allows light to diffuse around the entire room area and visually lengthens the room. It creates a sense of the Grand Arrival.

Add Length And Space


2. Create A Celebration Mood:

The dining room may be turned into a huge banquet room when a mirror is hung on the wall behind the dining table and a glowing chandelier completes the entire festive mood. An opulently framed mirror will be the favored choice to create this feel.

Create A Celebration Mood

3. Accent Your Wall:

A dull wall in your room gets the much needed boost when a mirror is added to this space. It spices up the place beyond belief. The much used convex mirrors come in handy here. An array of mirrors when used to decorate the wall, will lend an aesthetic look to the space.

Accent Your Wall

4. Enlarge Room Space:

Mirrors create the tricky effect of enlarging small spaces. Used in small rooms, they dramatically enlarge the space to reflect light and brighten the room. They are a treat to the eye when they reflect excellent and pleasing views within the room.

Enlarge Room Space

5. Decorative Windows:

Mirrors as standees, when used inside a room, create the visual effect of windows inside the room. This is a visual treat and a break from the monotony, creating depth and space in a room. These extra mirror windows concept maybe used in any space of the home to create a dramatic effect.

Decorative Windows


6. Reflective Wardrobes:

Limited space and awkward room areas sometimes have a constraint of space to house all accessories in a room for comfort and style. Mirrors spell this style statement and also solve the need for a separate dressing room. Today’s wardrobes are designed to suit room areas and also compliment the room area with their built in wardrobe mirrors. Such wardrobes amplify the room with light and strike the right balance of view and space.

Reflective Wardrobes

7. Style And Cynosure:

The entire living room gets the grandeur look and ambience when mirrors are placed on the walls. They add strength to the personality of the occupants of the room be it the inmates or the object d’ art. The mirror must be a huge one and must be flat against the wall, such that it picks up the dull corners too of the room and reflects the hues of your valence and chandeliers. Its powerful reflective ability creates a room within a room spelling out aristocracy and grandeur.

Style And Cynosure

8. Wall Panels:

Mirrors are often used as wall panels in interiors in recent times. Their geometric nature is highly impactful in creating silhouettes. Such panel walls can be used behind fireplaces or the stair ways or simply anywhere where the height of the walls is sufficient enough to create this dramatic view and effect.

Wall Panels

9. Kitchen Backsplash Wall:

Most kitchens wash area faces a window avoiding the backsplash problem. This is convenient when there is space. With constraint of space in certain kitchens and situated in a corner, a window for a backsplash may not be available. A mirrored backsplash solves the problem of the missing window. It reflects light and helps to ease the task at hand while creating a unique statement for your kitchen.

Kitchen Backsplash Wall

10. Concealed Storage:

Kitchen space is constrained with less room area and much often stain related work is dispensed here. The storage racks may be redone with an interplay of mirror and wood frames. They bring in a fresh look for the kitchen and also help to step in for a concealed storage cupboard.

Concealed Storage

11. Motivational Value Add In Your Gym:

A home gym maybe well completed with mirror panels. They are highly motivating in the gym and may not be used to create space effect. Mirrors in a gym are used to motivate the user to reflect on their exercise technique and draw self-inspiration.

Motivational Value Add In Your Gym

12. Sensational Floating Object View:

A bathroom can become very sensational with mirror replacing more than three fourths of wall tile area. It appears to the eye that the ceramic bathroom fixtures seem to float!! These fixtures are fixed against the mirror wall above floor area and the fixing pints are well concealed. The finish is a dramatic feel of floating of the fixtures because the mirror wall gives the feel of the room continuing beyond he fixtures.

Sensational Floating Object View

13. A Pleasant Jewel In The Garden:

Recreate the garden of a monarch. Your plants and water features in your garden get that touch of class and elegance when a mirror is introduced as a garden feature. It reflects the lush green of your garden during the day and glowing lights used to light up the garden during the night. It is a jewel in your garden.

A Pleasant Jewel In The Garden