Basements are dark and hollow. That’s why not many would like to live in a basement until special circumstances occur. Special circumstances can also include making the basement bright and wonderful so that you don’t feel the hollowness caused by a place without any windows. In no time you can get a great basement area under you and the ways by which you can achieve the same.

Here Are 13 Ways To Lighten And Brighten Your Basement

1. Bold Ceiling

Most of the homes have ceilings that would match the color of the walls. In a basement, it is always advisable to have a colorful ceiling. Since the basement is away from the world, you can always try on some colors that aren’t usually preferred on the ceilings.

2. Colorful Art

No one likes his home to be dull and the basement has to be worked upon even more while making it look exciting. Thus, having colorful art on the walls is any day going to get the boring and plain walls converted into something beautiful.

3. Glass Interior Doors

To help natural light, whatever the amount, come inside the basement; the glass interior doors would help your cause. The solid interior doors would avoid the same and there are numerous colorful interiors available in the market.

4. Metallics

The metallic accent would not only look wonderful but also help your cause to have a brighter basement as a metallic object reflects light and somewhat acts as a mirror during the same. the beautiful metal object can be scattered so that the light is efficiently dispersed after reflection from the same.


5. Light Walls

Dark colors can absorb light and keep the walls warm if painted with a dark shade. That’s why it is always advisable to keep the walls light-colored, as pale colors help in bouncing off the light from it, keeping the basement into a subtle hue.


6. Multiple Source Lighting

Lights coming from different sources will obviously help to keep the surroundings in a basement bright. With the LEDs coming into a trend, the lighting system has gone a step ahead without paying a lot against the electricity bill.

7. Chandelier

Chandelier always looks classy and orthodox. That’s why having it in your homes is nothing new but in the basement, it adds another benefit; it not only gives light but the shine of the same can look bright and pleasing. Apart from the sparkling and reflecting of light from the same, it will also make the basement look bigger than the usual space.

8. Mirrors

Yes, this was coming. Mirrors not only mimic windows but also add the much-needed light due to the reflection. The market today is full of stylish mirrors that will look great on the walls and moreover, the added dimension it causes is much needed by the basement area.

9. Bookshelves

Books are always made of covers that have different colors. A place where the books are kept always attracts the majority and no wonder, if added in a basement, it will look bright due to various colored covers the books have. The dingy atmosphere would soon be forgotten and the calm and happy sense would flow because of its presence.

10. Large Area Rug

Rugs not only helps in the maintenance of the basement as it keeps the surroundings neat and clean but can be a great way to add colors to your basement. Of course, the huge rugs cannot be in very bright colors, but of matched with the colors of the walls with subtle colors, it can look a class apart.

11. Shiny Floors

Do not underestimate the power of the floor to act as a reflector. For example, a polished floor looks fashionable and elegant and floor types such as hardwood, tiles or shiny concrete can be considered for basement flooring. Due to the reason that the floor is directly facing the ceiling lights, it can act as a good reflector if be it in that nature.

12. Natural Materials

Concrete and linoleum are the most commonly used in the basement. Having wooden finishing and or wooden furniture helps in making the basement look more welcoming. Organic materials like sisal and wood always have a tactical appeal and would suit your basement any day.

13. Bright Fireplace

The majority of basements are filled with fireplaces and they are made of bricks which has orange-reddish colors that can look dull. Paint the same with the colors of the walls to convert it into a stunning fireplace as if there was no fireplace at all.

Try the above-mentioned ideas and give a bright and sunny look to your dark gloomy basement.