Wall DecalsWe all love to have interesting wall decor, but sometimes we need to do it on a small budget. There is an ideal solution that is inexpensive, very effective, and inspirational.

Vinyl wall quotes with meaningful sayings that can be applied on a wall, and when finished you will have the look of a painted sentence on the wall.

Nobody will be able to tell you did not spend hours laboriously hand painting it. You alone will know that it was painless, did not leave a mess to be cleaned up, and did not break the bank. What is more, is that these inspirational vinyl wall quotes do not use any permanent adhesives and can be moved whenever you want to relocate them.

This ability to remove the decals (even after extended periods of time) and to put them in another room or another wall when you redecorate, makes them ideal decor for temporary homes like dorm rooms, or for use on special occasions like parties. No damage will ever occur to your walls making this type of decoration perfects for apartment living, you get to personalize your wall yet you can take it with you when you move.

Changing inspirational vinyl wall quotes as your attitudes in life change gives you the feeling that you are not stuck into something forever.

And if all these benefits of using vinyl wall quotes were not enough, the cost is very low. Many of these inspirational wall decals are under $10, some may run a little more but even an elaborate project will still be very affordable.

Should you think, as some people do that this is corny, all the sayings are clichés and it’s time someone should say something more meaningful, you cant certainly have “your say”. Many sites offer to create wall decor with your own words.

All you need to do is access their site and type the inspirational quote you want, choose the most appropriate size and the color you like. It is obvious that something as unique as your personal quote will be more expensive, but then you will not see it on somebody else’s wall.

Wall Quote Decals On Mirrors And Glass

Some people refrain from using wall decal quotes on mirrors – especially in the bathroom – because they fear the regular washing of the mirror will damage the decals over time. Yet many vinyl decals are waterproof and will remain in great shape throughout successive washings.

It doesn’t matter if you have to wash the decals themselves either (as when toothpaste and whatnot splash onto them) because they can take it. Not all decals will endure this, but many wills – inquire with your decal provider.

One thing you do need to be careful with is a paper towel when cleaning a mirror with decals on it. You don’t want bits and pieces of the paper to get caught up on the outline of the decals and make a wet paper mess on your mirror. It is better to use a thin micro-fiber cloth in cases like this as they will save you some time and trouble.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

There are not so many affordable ways to modify the look of a mirror. You can achieve nice effects with sandblasting but it can be rather expensive. A frame will work wonders but is also potentially costly. Why not opt for wall quotes and wall decals to produce similar effects at a fraction of the cost? Think about what you can do with vanity mirrors, bedroom mirrors, and in the bathroom. Add glass wall art elsewhere in the room to create a matching decor.

Tip: One great way to enhance the appearance of a frameless mirror is to have a contour shape custom-made on vinyl in the exact dimensions of your mirror so as to replicate the outline of a frame over it. Has it made in a style (Victorian, Mediterranean, modern, etc.) and color that will go with your room decor?

Wall Quote Decals On Glass

Things can get tricky if you want to use removable wall decals on windows. For one thing, if you will be using words and quotes, they will only show up properly on one side of a window – obviously. Though this will work nicely in a car or shop window, it may not feel as nice in your home.

Another thing to take into consideration is the temperature of the window. If you live where the seasons either get very warm and/or cold at different times of the year, you should get high-quality decals that will be able to sustain these temperature variations.

Ideally, you’ll install the decals at a time when the glass is at an average temperature so as to maximize their adherence to the surface from the onset.