How to Take Care of Your Timber FlooringTimber flooring has become many people’s flooring options these days. A timber floor needs regular maintenance and routine care to ensure it preserves its original beauty. However, it is essential to remember that no one cleaning method that suits all timber types. There is a wide selection of timber grades that give different coatings and finishes. All these design versions call for different maintenance requirements.


While many wooden floor care providers promise to clean your timber floor, some may damage the floor coatings. That is why you need to find reputable floor polishing service providers. Additionally, ensure you follow the manufacturer’s specifications on how to care for your timber floor. That said, here are some of the best tips on keeping your stunning timber floor shining at all times.


1.Avoid Liquid Cleaners

When it comes to cleaning your timber floor, make sure you don’t use liquid cleaners. You want to preserve your floor’s integrity and extend its lifespan. So you need to avoid water, wet-mop, and tile cleaning products, vinyl, steam-mop, or any form of liquid cleaners. Similarly, cleaning products containing silicon, citrus, or lemon can dull finishes and coatings or even damage the floor. Other products to avoid include paste wax and oil soaps.

The best way to clean your timber flooring is to dust the floor with a clean cloth or microfiber mop. A microfiber cleaner is effective because it uses static electricity to capture dust, dirt, and other allergens effortlessly. You can also vacuum the timber floor with a properly squeezed mop at least once weekly to get rid of dust from corners and other troubled areas.


2.Keep Pet Nails Trimmed

Pet gouges and scratches can damage the timber floor. This not only makes it ugly but reduces the floor’s lifespan too. Therefore if you have pets, keep their claws and nails trimmed to avoid scratches. Also, keep the nails clean to avoid staining the floor.


3. Use Humidifiers

Try to keep a consistent level of humidity on your floor throughout seasons. Using humidifiers can help prevent timber shrinkages during humid months and hot seasons. Typically, timber floors expand during cold seasons, which can create excessive gaps. During hot months, wood tends to shrink, and this can harm the floor. Humidifies can help reduce these gaps on the floor.

Additionally, you need to ensure proper air circulation in all areas. This means that you don’t leave places with timber flooring closed for long periods during hot seasons. Timber flooring needs sufficient air circulation to avoid board shrinkage.


4.Polish the Floor

Polishing your timber floor maintains the integrity and retains its original beauty. According to experts, polishing should be done at least in a few months to protect the surfaces of the floor. Flooring professionals like Floor Sanding Brisbane specialize in polishing and maintaining timber floors. Such professionals usually use the right products to ensure your floor not only remain beautiful but also last longer. Experts recommend the use of buffing instead of acrylic waxes. This is because wax can make the floor dull and slippery.


5.Remove Sticky Substances with Ice

Sticky stuff can be annoying on your floor. If sticky substances like wax or chewing gum fall on the timber floor, avoid scratching it. But instead, use ice to thicken them and then carefully scrape using a plastic object. This way, you can prevent scratching directly on the wood.


6.Use Rugs in High Traffic Areas

Dust, dirt, and debris can easily get into your wooden floor. The floor can wear, especially in high traffic areas like entries, kitchen, and passages. You can use throw rugs and mats on these areas to prevent scratching the floor. However, ensure the rugs are made of breathable materials and avoid those with vinyl backings or solid rubber as they can trap moisture under the mat. Also, try to move or rearrange rugs occasionally to allow for even color changes.

Additionally, you should avoid wearing spike-heels on the timber floor as they can dent the floor surface. Keep them off the floor and ensure the heels are kept in good repair. You can also encourage your visitors to take off their heels before stepping on your wooden flooring.


Timber flooring gives a pleasant appearance to your house, which can elevate its value. It provides a mix of durability and beauty. Ignoring it can damage and reduce its lifespan. But proper maintenance helps keep your timber flooring stunning and long-lasting.



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