Table Lamp for a Console TableChoosing a lamp table for your console appears to be an easy job, but in order to get the best lamp table under your budget requires a plethora of considerations. Your choice might vary depending upon your expectations with the quality, style, and purpose of the table. Following are some of the tips that may help you on your selection of a correct sized table lamp for your console table:

You can opt for a buffet lamp that is having a slender and sophisticated appearance. It is commonly used in case you want to have moderate lighting and it is best suited when kept in pairs. This console table lamp is apt for wooden consoles with doors. Depending upon the location of the room, lighting and other conditions, you need to choose the style of lamp. For instance, if your room doesn’t have big window, then you can consider a rustic looking and earth toned table lamp. However, if your room is having ultra-modern designs, then you need to go ahead and consider choosing a stylish and sleek lamp.

You can choose accent table lamp for providing direct lighting to a particular corner/area of your room or for providing focus on particular furniture in the room. Do you have a décor, which you want to showcase to everyone visiting your house? Then, here’s your chance to use accent table for making the décor center of attraction. You can even place the table lamp beside picture frames or bookshelves’.

Your cordless table lamp can turn out to be a great conversation starter, especially if you’re having a great table lamp for your console table. You need to always prefer/choose the table lamp on the basis of its size and color. A long-standing or an odd colored lamp would be a bad look. In fact, if you have a large-sized lamp in a small room, then it would look pretty odd, but an average-sized would be perfect. In the same way, if your room coloring is light, then your lamp color has to be a bit brighter in order to stand out.

Following are some other considerations that need to be considered:

Height: Generally, living rooms look good with a lamp sized 26-34 inches. In order to check whether the lamp is placed properly, you can follow an unwritten and basic rule. According to to this rule, shade’s bottom shouldn’t be above your eye level. You can’t let the lamp cover your view.

Base: Even if the lamp is skinny, you need to make sure that its base has some weight because there is always a possibility of people accidentally hitting it while walking near-by. It would be an extreme waste of money if you forget to have a lamp with less weighing base.

Positioning: If you have big rooms, then there should be a source of light at every 10 feet’s distance. The lamp’s base should be thin, if you are looking forward to place the lamp between sofa, table or chair.