Spring Balcony Decor

Spring season is a pleasing and everyone’s favorite season. We all wait for winters to go and spring to come as it releases us from the winter cold and we are free to enjoy the outdoors of our house at any time of day.

The moderate Temperature of spring is perfect for gardening, blooming trees and flowers are a major attraction of spring. If you have a balcony big or small in springs you can make it look amazing and enjoy the greenery of plants and brightness of the sun setting on your balcony.

Here Are 7 Amazing Ideas To Decorate Your Balcony In Spring:

1. Wooden Sitting With Hanging Greens:

You can keep a wooden trunk shaped table as a center table and with wooden sittings and place money plant and other creepers on your railing and hang the plants of your favorite flowers from spring. Succulent beads also look amazing in hanging pots. The wood brown sitting and green with colorful flowers will make your small balcony stand out.


2. Mediterranean Balcony:

If you love and desire sun, sea, sand, and heat, the Mediterranean style of life is just for you. It is easy to configure your balcony in the Mediterranean style and that too within budget. It looks classy and stunning. Add metal furniture with pattern fabrics and add on some lamps, lanterns, plants in terracotta pots. Ensure that furniture is lightweight and cozy.


3. Vintage Balcony:

They are very sensible beautiful and looks classy. Vintage balconies feature wooden furniture, earthen pots with plants and you can have a swing on the side. Keep some candles or lamps to enhance beauty and romance.

4. Japanese Style Balcony:

these balconies resemble the traditional gardening style of Japan. To create a Japanese balcony you need to take the inspiration from nature itself, the idea is to create a space that looks serene and as close as possible to Mother Nature. You can use cane furniture, plants, candles, wooden flooring, stones and marbles, and small water pond or water fountains.


5. Urban Balcony:

If you like city living, contemporary furniture with stylish plants, and top lights then this one is just for you. These balconies are perfect for flats and high rise apartments and you can actually turn them into a second living room of the house where you can enjoy with guests and have your morning tea with peace. In springs to add the color you can use some nice printed and bright table cloths, cushions hanging night colorful lanterns, and some bright succulent beads.

6. Balcony Decked Up With Stone:

You can create a beautiful stone balcony considering that your house also has similar features. Add on a small water fountain in the center or just keep a stone water bath, add marbles pebbles to decorate you can use colorful ones too or simply white. If you have a little extra space adds an arch door of stone at the entrance and fills t up with green creepers. In springs add colors through flower plants and lightning effects.


7. Balcony With Cane Set-Up:

If your balcony is small and you don’t like heavy furniture then setting you your balcony with cane and bamboo is the best idea. You can easily move it and it is cheap to set it up. Moreover, cane furniture looks absolutely different and stylish. Instead of going through regular brown furniture, I spring you can color it up and make it stand out.