Makes Small Bathrooms Feel Bigger

It is uprightly said ‘the bigger the better’. We human beings are inclined to demand bigger and better things that quench our thirst for experiencing a rich and bold human lifestyle. We desire a big house to live in, a big car to speed down the alley, a big salary to spend so why spare the luxury of bathing in a big bathroom.

Not all population of the country gets lucky to end up bathing in a large colossal bathroom that is equipped with all mandatory bathroom utilities. There is no need to worry if you possess a not-so-big bathing room.

A little knowledge and a gripping involvement trick could do the magic. To make you understand better, let me take you on a journey that includes 10 milestones, each depicting a unique idea to make small bathrooms feel bigger and obviously better.

Here Are 10 Décor Ideas That Makes Small Bathrooms Feel Bigger

1. Maintain The Similar Color Code

It is meticulously advantageous to paint your bathroom walls with similar colors used in painting your bathroom’s ceiling. Also if there resides a tiny piece of furniture inside the bathroom, the color of it should match with the bathroom color. A light fixture must be placed aptly in a corner of the bathroom.



2. Amalgamate The Tile And Wall Color

By blending or amalgamating the tile and the wall colors, the onlooker will be left with an image that promises double bathroom space. Incorporating this, the person using the bathroom shall be occupied by thoughts that he is bathing in a bigger spacious room compared to the quaint and congested ones.


3. Take Care Of The Transitions

Remodel your small bathroom by extending the same set of tiles and similar wall texture when planning to make your small bathroom appear intently big. The extended flouring and wall textures will give a vivacious look to your bathroom by virtually growing in size.


4. The Front Glass Should Be Crystal Clear

If the glass in the doorway is opaque or only slightly transparent, then it may function like a visual barrier that hides stuff lying on the other side of the door. Sure it delivers unflinching privacy and triumphs to get some light in, but it will never serve the purpose as the clear front glass will do. So it is recommended by experts to use clear glass in your shower to have a bigger bathing experience.


5. A Giant Mirror Is The Best Mirror

It is stubbornly approved by the majority of interior designers or home decorators that installing a grand mirror in the bathroom will add to the reputation of your bathroom by bestowing it a regal appearance. A lighting fixture just at the top of the mirror will look astonishingly splendid making it impeccably brilliant.


6. Let The Natural Light Seep In

Imagine your master bathroom flooded with the welcoming natural light. Facilitating a window in the room adjoining your bathroom shall prove beneficial for it will save energy during the daytime. You could definitely check in the below image by yourself.


7. Practice A Strategic Utilization Of Mirrors

Try placing the mirror across the window in the room that resides in the bathroom. It will generate an illusion in our mind that the room we are standing in has two different windows located across each other, and not one.


8. Bury The Bathing Products Inside A Wall

The stand or platform on which the bathing products like a soap bar, shampoos, face washes, and others lie is normally fixed alongside the wall. What if we dig a hole in the wall and bury the utility products inside the wall. Definitely it will save a lot of space and make your bathroom bigger. The little space created impinges a visible difference when it comes to the relishing experience of bathing.


9. Avoid Furniture In The Bathroom

Never fill the space in the room with big linen closets and cabinets, rather keep them in the neighboring room for a quick grasp. A typical cabinet in the bathroom literally chokes the air out of the room. No additional space is available once you install a closet in the trifling space of your bathroom.


10. Aggregate Your Bath Utilities In A Single Corner

It is visibly understood that if the stuff is spread around in the corner the room will inevitably look encroaching into itself. Thus keeping the items at one place systematically will call for a feeling that chants ample space to effectively exploit.


We hope that the above-mentioned ideas are going to help you in making your bathroom look bigger. So, try them out and see the difference in the look of your bathroom.