You may have an evil enemy lurking in the shadows around your patio and not even know it. Even though you are not a war that a war is going on, things have already escalated to a critical point. However, there is hope thanks to patio pest control.

The last thing that you want to do is spend thousands of dollars on a nice patio and outdoor furniture only to have it ruined by annoying insects that seek only to destroy all that you have built up with your precious time and money.

The good news is that you do not have to it idly by and just hope that the bugs will leave you and your home alone. Instead you can take action. However, before you take action you should educate yourself about the enemy whom you are facing.


Termites are not-so-kindly referred to as the kings of the outdoor pests. Even though termites can appear anywhere, you are most likely to find them where the ground is usually wet or at least a little moist.

Although they are small, they can cause huge damage as they eat wood, one of the main staples of their diet. They are especially attracted to wood that is damp.

Because daylight is especially lethal to termites, they travel underground, burrowing until they come into contact with the wood that they seek. They can enter homes through cracks in foundations in the basement.

One of the difficult things about dealing with termites is the fact that they eat wood only from the inside. That means that if you have them, it is unlikely that you will be able to see them at work.

To minimize the chance of termites destroying your patio, you should eliminate any damp wood or standing water around your home. The best way to do this is by making sure that all your gutters are working properly and that none of your pipes have sprung leaks. You also should paint any wood that is exposed. You need to especially pay attention to wood that comes in contact with the soil, such as porch posts.

Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are also a threat to your patio. As is also true with termites, these large black ants are attracted to wood that gets wet. Unlike termites, however, they tend to use wood for nesting, not eating.

The presence of carpenter ants can be detected by you by finding the entrances to their galleries on joists and posts. A sign that there is one could be a small or large amount of fine sawdust near those openings. It is also possible that you will simply see a lot of ants together as they enter or leave these openings.

In order to minimize the presence of carpenter ants, you should do the same as with termites in again eliminating any sources of damp wood. In addition to this, you may want to caulk and weather strip any openings or cracks to a home, especially around windows and doors. In order to keep them from exiting your patio and entering your home, make sure that there are no holes in screens.

The good news is that usually carpenter ants can be eliminated by someone spraying commercial insecticides into and around the galleries. If this doesn’t work, more severe cases can require the services of a professional exterminator.


Powder-post beetles are another insect that can damage the wood of a patio. These nasty creatures actually chew into the wood to lay eggs. While you can basically avoid carpenter ants and termites by making sure to keep things dry, it is not as easy with beetles. They prefer both dry and moist wood.

As with carpenter ants, powder-post beetles can also be detected by searching for small holes that have been burrowed into posts and beams. Also, remember that you can still look for the fine sawdust that is below the holes.

Like carpenter ants, beetles can be eliminated with commercial insecticides. To prevent further infestation, you should try to keep the wood dry and also seal wood with paint. Also, you should continue to remember to seal openings and cracks, and repair screens.

Wasps and bees

These flying, nasty insects can nest in a patio by working their way through an opening or crack somewhere on the patio. Even though they don‘t harm the structure of your patio very much, their openings do provide a way for moisture to get in. In addition, they sting and it hurts.

These bugs can be eliminated with commercial insecticides, but follow the directions carefully. Even though their nests are small, there can be hundreds of these insects inside. Professional exterminators can also remove their nests. If you want to avoid injury, this may be the best idea.

Now that you know who your enemies are, you can also better understand how patio pest control can help you overcome their influence.