patio designsBackyard patios are organized extensions of homes, which offer the freshness of the outdoors with the amenities and comforts of your home. Patios are used primarily for entertainment and relaxation. Sometimes, when used extensively for entertainment, outdoor furniture, and a barbecue or grill, become permanent features.

If used much at night, then the patio might be lit up with decorative lights. If you have large trees, these could be floodlit. Water features like a little brook, stream or fountain are relaxing and attractive if your patio is large enough for them. A pergola is a great idea that would provide shelter, and enable you to use your patio right through the year.

Patio Designing

Patio designing is largely a personal affair. There is no limit to backyard patio ideas if you look up some home décor magazines. Another great source for the best backyard patio ideas is looking at existing patios and borrowing some of the ideas which will work for you. Obviously how you go about designing your patio would depend primarily on what you plan to use it for.

If it is only for family use then you might be happy with a small patio and a larger garden area. However, if you plan on using your patio for entertainment then something roomier will be more suitable. Decide on how much furniture you plan to have before starting your design. Most patios are hard-surfaced.

An abundance of paving and other hard-surfacing materials are available. However this will be the single largest cost factor in your patio project, so factor your choice with your budget.

Patio Ideas

  • Here are a few practical recommended backyard patio ideas if you are working on a budget.
  • Give your patio your personal stamp. Let it reflect your personality. Make it as comfortable as you can.
  • Furnish it with inexpensive but durable outdoor furniture. Make sure what you select is fade and weather proof.
  • Add color wherever possible.
  • Give your patio a cool lushness by adding plants wherever you can. Plants are colorful and relaxing.
  • Hang out a birdfeeder to attract birds.
  • A wind chime is musical and cheerful, add one.
  • Make a fountain with garden hose and camouflage it with plants.
  • Decorate the area with little ceramic frogs and garden gnomes.
  • Add lighting to enhance your patio experience after sunset. Old Christmas lights string between plants are an effective and inexpensive way of doing it.
  • Use tiki lights and potted palms for a tropical atmosphere.