Outdoor Solar Garden Lights

Outdoor solar garden lights are increasingly popular for decorating landscapes. As homeowners utilize outdoor areas, lighting is becoming very important.

One of the best features of solar lights is their ease of use in the garden or landscape. No wiring is required for installation and they are virtually maintenance-free. Solar lights also come in many styles.

Some are great for lighting walkways and paths where others can accent plants or other features in the garden landscape. External power sources are not needed to run these lights as they are powered by the sun and turn on automatically at dusk.

For the best results in using these lights in your garden, make sure you place the solar light in an outdoor area that receives plenty of sunlight. Plants or other objects in your garden that shade the light can reduce the amount of energy required to power the light. Also, make sure the rechargeable batteries are fully charged before installing your garden lighting.

Outdoor solar lights are relatively inexpensive to purchase and can be found at a number of online sites.

Best Outdoor Solar Garden Lights


Solar Garden Lights Not Working?

In most instances, solar lights that stop working are due to dead batteries in the solar cell. Simply changing the rechargeable battery will give new life to your garden lights. There are a few things to keep in mind before you take the solar light apart to change batteries.

  1. Check the instruction manual on your solar lights. The manual can give you an idea of how to go about taking the unit apart without causing damage. It can show the location of the batteries as well as list the type of battery being used.
  2. Never use alkaline batteries as replacements. Alkaline batteries can damage the solar cell in your lights. Make sure you purchase rechargeable batteries as your replacements. It is easy to find rechargeable replacements. Most electronic stores that sell batteries should carry them. Your best bet is to replace them with the same kind that was in it, however, any kind of rechargeable battery will do. Most stores carry NiMH as they tend to last longer than the NiCd batteries that usually come installed in solar cells.
  3. Pay attention to how the solar unit was put together. This will make it easier to put everything back together. Solar lights can withstand a lot of weather if assembled properly. Keep your weather-resistant by putting it back together in the same way.
  4. Gather the tools you need. You probably will only need a screwdriver, but you may also need some other simple tools. Also, keep a small dish or two handy to keep the small screws in as you remove them.

You should be ready to take apart the unit for new batteries. Pay attention to how the piece is assembled so you can return everything to its proper order. After you remove the battery you can try recharging it in a household recharger to see if it is any good. Sometimes solar lights are placed in areas that do not allow enough sunlight to charge the batteries. If this is the case, allow the battery to be fully charged and replace it back into the unit.

If the battery is still not charging properly, replace it with a new one. Rechargeable batteries usually last 1-2 years so replacement should be done with this in mind. Reassemble the light and fully charge it before placing it back into your garden landscape. This will ensure you get the most enjoyment from your solar garden light again.