Oak Laminate FlooringOak laminate flooring can be the answer to your flooring problems.

If you have considered solid oak hardwood flooring you will know how beautiful such a floor can be and it is a surface that works well in most interiors whether country, classic or contemporary.

Unfortunately, it comes with a high price tag which is too much for many budgets. In addition, solid oak flooring can not be installed in some areas of your home such as kitchens and bathrooms as solid wood can be damaged when it gets wet. An oak laminate floor on the other hand has a more reasonable price and it can be used everywhere!

If you are thinking about oak laminate floors there are a few things to be mindful of.

1. Don’t Save Too Much Money

By that I mean don’t buy cheap oak laminate flooring if you are unsure of the quality. The best laminate will last for years and years and continue to look good. It has the look of real solid wood without the high price whereas the poor quality flooring has an instant “this is laminate” look and may very well peel and warp.


2. Get the Right Color

Natural oak flooring comes in many different colors and you will find laminate in all of them. There is white oak laminate flooring which goes well with light furnishings and contemporary interiors and honey oak laminate flooring which has warmer tones reminiscent of a country cottage. Then there is dark oak laminate which is good with a classic interior brightened with an area rug or in a modern interior that has a color scheme that needs a darker floor.

3. Get the Right Plank Size

Oak laminated flooring comes in different configurations. The laminate planks themselves are fairly standard sizes but the pattern on the plank depicts wooden planks of various widths. The narrow plank pattern goes well with most interiors but if you want the latest contemporary look to choose a wide plank dark or natural oak laminate flooring.

If you’re unsure of whether to choose laminate or spend the extra money and choose a solid wood floor, (even if you have laminate in those rooms where solid wood should not be used) one thing to consider is how the flooring might add to the value of your home. If you have a luxury home, solid oak flooring is particularly attractive to buyers who like natural materials and some may turn their nose up at laminate if they are spending a lot of money.

If you have a smaller home that is likely to attract young people buying their first home, however, quality oak laminate flooring is very much in demand especially compared to other surfaces such as carpet.