Bathtubs are an indispensable part and parcel of today’s bathroom. Natural stone bathtubs have caught man’s fascination in such a way that people are exploring and experimenting with stylish stone bathtubs with inspirational design.

They are attaching great importance to these immensely beautiful natural bathtubs. These are made of natural, pure elements. Sometimes their designs are so simple yet they are admirable and equally lovable.

Diligently researched and carefully selected, each of the Ideas highlights how celestial can a bathroom become if we were to have one of these in our house.

Here, 10 Natural Stone Bathtub Ideas Along With Images Have Been Showcased Below.

1. Regular Bathtub Wrapped In Stone With Wooden Background

This simple yet classy bathtub provides a breathtaking view of the bathroom in its own way. This beautiful deep soaking tub is the star attraction of the traditional bathroom. The metallic faucet is in perfect combination. Some additional stone slabs are also provided for complementary decoration.

Regular Bathtub Wrapped In Stone With Wooden Background

2. Sculpted Bathtub In Natural Stone

This marvel pick will instantly remind someone of the famous cartoon series “Flintstone”, as one is bound to be stunned by its primitive, old-fashioned look coupled with the comfort of a modern-day bathtub. There is a showerhead provided but the real surprise is the faucet which, rather than being attached to the bathtub is dangling from the adjacent wall. While taking a bath one would be able to feel the natural ambiance without much effort.

Sculpted Bathtub In Natural Stone

3. Futuristic Stone Bathtub In A Stone-walled Bathroom

This is a perfect example of how our bathrooms are going to be shaped with the installation of this thoughtfully crafted, carefully selected stone bathtub. This smooth polished rectangular tub gives someone the required spaces for an unforgettable pleasant experience. This beauty can be placed at a corner of the bathroom so as to make ample spaces. The tub and bathroom, both being stony complement each other perfectly.

Futuristic Stone Bathtub In A Stone-walled Bathroom

4. Oyster–shaped Stone Bathtub In A Airy Environment

The bathtub is the most specific bathroom appliance whose material and design must be in accordance with the background. Keeping this view while designing this modern-day wonder, the maker has taken into consideration the expectation of the people who are going to use this. People tend to choose a convenient bathtub that will adapt to the bathroom setting. In this case, this tub fits the environment perfectly.


5. Amazing Stone Bathtub In A Dressing-room Like Bathroom

At a first glance, one may be perplexed to see this wonderful bathtub. People would possibly not be able for the first few seconds to recognize this unique piece. The beauty not only lies in the enormity but also is in the hand-crafted design that is bound to inspire respect for this. The unusual shape of the tub creates a mesmerizing effect that is sure to last for a while. This rustic natural piece provides the place with daring and gorgeous ambiance

Amazing Stone Bathtub In A Dressing-room Like Bathroom

6. White Stone Oval-shaped Bathtub

This oval-shaped white stone bathtub can surely be nicknamed “The White Princess”, as this splendid appliance is definitely the alpha and omega of modern-day bathroom inventory. The oval shape, in combination with the white material, provides the most relaxing, cozy feeling that we really aspire for after a day’s hard work as well as giving a natural touch to the bathroom.

White Stone Oval-shaped Bathtub

7. Bathtub Sculpted In Precious Stone

The rustic and cool shape of this natural stone bathtub is synonymous with the environment. This tub emphasizes its spatiality in a unique way. This is going to be admired at the first glance for its natural elegance. The oval shape surely forms a truly relaxing and zen ambiance with a minimalist setting. This tub also adds a nice symmetric touch to the floor and the adjacent walls in the most effective eye-soothing manner.

Bathtub Sculpted In Precious Stone

8. Superb Outdoor Stone Bathtub

Nature-lover is going to love and appreciate it the moment they see this beauty. “Nature within Nature” as may be called, gives the near-perfect feeling of taking a bath in the lap of nature. Surrounded by trees, placed on stone-chips, one can enjoy nature in its original form. With a little caution while getting into the tub, the showerhead hanging high above, the sprinkling water refresh and helps to regain the lost energy within moments.

Superb Outdoor Stone Bathtub

9. Immensely Beautiful Transparent Bathtub

This is probably the most amazing of its kind. This contemporary shape works a charm in creating a Zen ambiance in the dimly-lit bathroom with a minimalist setting. The designer of this exotic tub makes an excellent effort to make the bathing experience a memorable one. One must feel fresh and lively in the vibrant ambiance of the place.

Immensely Beautiful Transparent Bathtub

10. Sleek Bright Bathroom With Stone Bathtub

The overall appearance of this extremely beautiful and modern bathtub can be felt at the first glance. This bathtub surely acts as a main charmer with a super refreshing and relaxing ambiance. It has a soothing effect in this place and is a perfect appliance in creating an outstanding experience.

Sleek Bright Bathroom With Stone Bathtub