Do you really think that you would need to poke a hole into your pocket to get that ah so cool and chic expensive look for your living space? If yes, you are gravely mistaken! While no one will actually ever find out how much exactly you spent on the décor, you just need a few expert tips to do your living room the way you want, all that in the cheapest and the DIY way!

Here Are 10 DIY Ideas To Make Your Living Room Look Expensive

1. The Artistic look

You need not buy an expensive and high end art piece to adorn your living area, instead you can just DIY one and frame it real large and keep it just above your sofa set or maybe above the mantle! While it would be the center of attention, any art form enhances the look of a room with respect to its expensiveness and thus gets the artist in you at work and creates wonders!

The Artistic look

2. The Textiles And Antique Textures

Use a lot of antique and vintage textiles and textures to your room and make it look rather custom and expensive. Easiest way to do so is by drawing on pillow covers or putting a self colored cover onto your upholstered stools and seat cushions and you are good to go! This would not only make your living room feel exotic and expensive but also have your own uniqueness injected in every slot possible!

The Textiles And Antique Textures

3. Paint Your Color In Lighter Hues

In case you happen to see the pictures of villas and the living rooms of the rich, you would find their walls painted in lighter and earthen hues. Take the cue from here and use the same concept in your living room to make it look clean, bright and up- scale! Color your living space in white, cream and earthen and neutral shades and see how it changes the look in a jiffy.

Paint Your Color In Lighter Hues

4. The Sculptural Look

It’s boring to use only straight lines or circles in the living area and you can make the living room look high end by just adding a dash of creativity when you add something like a tree root small coffee table or maybe a DIY made small chair to get the perfect ensemble.

The Sculptural Look

5. Add A Dash Of Life With Nature

In case you love nature and love to play with it, why not add that streak into your living area each day? Use the creativity in placing house plants, bud jars and even vases filled with a bouquet of flowers changeable each day to keep the look vibrant and lively!

Add A Dash Of Life With Nature

6. Use Carved Curtain Rods To Make The Windows Appear Bigger

While you incorporate curtains to your living area, try using it to the fullest. Even when you do not have too big a window to showcase, you can create the feel by adding a curved shower curtain rod painted according to the room décor and add nice curtains with frills to add to the expensive look!

Use Carved Curtain Rods To Make The Windows Appear Bigger

7. Mirrors On The Wall

They exactly say it all when you incorporate small to larger version mirrors to your living space. You can add your creative streak on the cheap mirrors by adding a DIY frame and make the living area look upgrade and expensive along with creating a larger room with ease!

Mirrors On The Wall

8. Bookcase

In case your living room has a bookcase to showoff, slow down with this one as you would need to remove some of the books from there and add DIY items such as small plants in cups, handmade cute items, pieces of remembrance and et al. All this would add to the high end look that you want to get without doubt!



9. Get The Lighting Right

In case you are still stuck with the age old ceiling light fixtures in your living space, its time that you get rid of them and incorporate some trendier and easily made DIY hanging lights which would surely upgrade the expensive look and feel and without much of pocket pinch as well!

Get The Lighting Right

10. Have Your Television Camouflaged

Nothing pulls down a high end look than a television which takes the central attention in the living room with nothing else to go with it! Thus, you can simply try camouflaging the TV with utter ease by creating a collage of framed pictures of varied shapes and sizes and put it all around the television on the wall. Even though it won’t get the TV disappear, but will make its ends blend with the pictures that you have on the display!

Have Your Television Camouflaged