Kitchen With LED Strip Lighting

Improve Your Kitchen Ambiance With LED Strip Lights

If you aren’t happy with the current look of your kitchen but don’t have the budget for a renovation, adding LED strip lights can make a huge difference in the look of the room. Using under-cabinet LED strip tape can not only help to light up your counters at night but can lend an ambiance to the room that can make it feel like new again without breaking your budget.


There are many uses for a kitchen LED strip that will affect the look and feel of your kitchen in different ways. The main three ways people are using LED tape in the kitchen area under the cabinets, under the countertops, and to light up the kickboards and floor under their cabinets. Each can lend a completely different look to the room but will be limited if there is already bright lights in the kitchen, however, these rooms can still benefit greatly using kitchen LED strip lights to light shelving in the room.



1. Install LED Strip Lights Under Cabinets

Under-cabinet LED strip tape will add light to accent your countertops and show off your backsplash. If you’re using LED tape with different color settings, you can change the look of both of these features with a simple setting change. You can also make the kitchen have a more intimate feeling by installing a dimmer to lower these light levels, or you can make it more functional by turning up the brightness so that you can see every detail of what you are cooking, or cleaning.


2. Brighten Up Your Countertops With LED Tape

Setting up LED strip lights under your countertops will not only show off your lower cabinets, but can also be used as ambient lighting to keep the room lit for those times when you’re just passing through and don’t need, or want to turn on the overhead lighting. It also just might keep you from accidentally stubbing your toe in the middle of the night if it is used on a kitchen island, and for far cheaper than keeping the overhead lighting on.


3. Illuminate Your Flooring By Installing In Your Kickboard

Lighting up the kickboard of your cabinetry may not work in every kitchen situation, though, when it does it can be an excellent way to not only add to that ambient light effect mentioned before, but it can also be used to highlight or change the look of the flooring near your counters. Different brightness settings can reflect off of a freshly cleaned floor to add the exact amount of light that you feel looks best for the room, and different colors can breathe new life into a floor that you feel has been the same for too long.


Summary and How You Can Order LED Tape Online

Lighting up any open shelving, or any shelving behind glass doors can make a difference not only in the feel of the room, but it also lends itself to the ease of finding what you need on those shelves. Not every kitchen can use LED tape in this way, but it can make a huge difference in the ones that can.