Modular kitchens are your feasible alternative if you are looking for flexibility in the most creative place of the house. Every household has different needs for different people. For instance, some like their kitchen to be classy in feel whereas others want a more futuristic modular kitchen theme that uses technology in abundance.

Besides, a modular kitchen gives you a bevy of color schemes like gold, birch, pearl, yellow-orange, and green. Most importantly modular kitchens are easier to clean and maintain for the reason each and every department is segregated i.e. tools, utensils, and accessories. They also let you walk around clutter-free. Take a look at these 10 modular kitchen themes you might fall for.

Here Are 10 Fantastic Modular Kitchen Themes

1. Lift Modular kitchen

The theme of modular kitchen considered most urbane in appearance and practical in use. Lift modular kitchen has various sections and chambers, each for washbasin, storing crockery, etc.

And here comes the big bonus; all the overhead modules mounted on the wall can be skidded up and down as and when required. This excellent theme of the modular kitchen provides ample space for washing and facilitates uninterrupted movement in the entire kitchen space.

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2. L Shaped kitchen

The very popular “L” shaped kitchen uses space of two adjacent walls for the three points of the triangle. In this theme, it is often found that the fridge is at the farthest corner whereas the sink is located centrally.

3. Parallel kitchen

This theme of modular kitchen is best suited for longer kitchen space. People who prefer some sort of segregation between washing and cooking area go for a parallel themed modular kitchen. Hence what you get is a sink, oven, and worktop on one side and a storage wall on the other.

4. Minimalist Black

Black themed modular kitchen signifies pristine order of kitchen decoration. The ever-popular color is used for drawers and shelves and adds a lot of sophistication. Plus the darkest of all colors that black is, it can easily conceal accidental spills.


5. Multi-Function Kitchen

What you get in this theme for your modular kitchen is a leather seat, digital Owen, direct way slide, smooth worktop finish. Thanks to its slideway, the kitchen can be neatly customized without any ado.

6. G Shape Modular Kitchens

The G shape theme cleverly utilizes the concept of U shaped kitchen and the theme of the island peninsula. G shape kitchens have the most benefits in regards to style and space for bigger families.

7. Natural Wood Modular Kitchen

The natural wood kitchen uses a plethora of best quality natural wood for overhead cabinet space and storage. The combination of wood and the latest teak frame are a big hit among those who like some old world charm even in a modular kitchen.

8. Pull Out Drawer

Not everyone likes to stash all their kitchen utilities right at the top for full display. Hence for those groups of homemakers, the pull-out drawer concept works all the time. The pull out drawer houses each and every article and utensil, big or small. They are not divisive by nature and all articles can be found in the spacious range.

9. Modular Kitchen With Kitchen Island

This gives you quite a lot of extra space in the form of the eating area. You can fix it up with your primary modular kitchen and detach the same as it has wheels attached for transportation.

10. Aion Theme

This is the most sophisticated modular kitchen in look and feel, has a rare distinction of clubbing green concept in the world of the modular kitchen. This theme designed by Antoin Leburn incorporates green plants atop the cooking area developed by the aerospace industry. The washbasin though small is a complete contrast in comparison of the black worktop that simply dominates the concept.

In the list of modular kitchen, there are other worthy themes like the all in one modular kitchen by Sebastien Poupeau wherein the height of the entire cooking space can be adjusted.

There is a digital screen, dining table, induction hobs, oven, and dishwashers with two racks. For those on the go and looking for some modular kitchen with innovation can never say no to a transportable kitchenette by Olivier Pickard and Aurelien Banerjee.

It just needs an electric socket to make it functional. The modular kitchen theme is thoroughly noted for color combinations and lots of aesthetic designs. The red and white color concept rules the culinary world with few opting for tropical colors as well. In all chosen themes, length and breadth should always be in consideration.