Looking for some indoor plants that can thrive even in low light? Here are five excellent indoor plants that can freshen up your atmosphere and do well in indirect light. They require no special skills or additional care but will brighten up your indoors with their wonderful foliage even in the absence of direct sunlight.

Beautiful Indoor Plants That Don’t Need Sunlight To Survive

1. Calathea

Calathea is a common household plant, which is also known as the zebra plant. The beautiful foliages in green and red color with white veins add a unique texture and interest to the indoors. The plant loves indirect light, ample humidity, and little water. It performs well in shady rooms and even low light. A little maintenance such as wiping the dust off the foliage using a fresh damp cloth and removing the yellow leaves will help maintain the plant strong and fresh.


2. Dragon Tree

The hardy plant with dark green spiky leaves and a red outline is a fabulous focal point when grown indoors. The drought-resistant plant does not like the direct sun so place it in a partially shaded area away from sunlight. Water it regularly and fertilize now and then for the best expression of foliage color.

Dragon Tree


3. Soleirolia

The low-growing plant with tiny green leaves that gives the plant a moss-like appearance is also known as baby’s tear. This plant looks splendid in a hanging basket and adds additional interest to the indoors. The pretty indoor plant loves high humidity, bright to low indirect light, good air circulation, and room temperature. It is a fast-growing plant so trimming is necessary to keep the growth under control.


4. Heart Leaf Ivy

This is one of the most favorite indoor plants that do very well in indirect and low light. The heart-shaped, green, shiny leaves look wonderful when trained as veins or hung down from baskets. The plant cleanses the air and is a popular indoor plant in offices and homes because it is easy to grow and requires only a little care. These plants do not like direct sun. Moderate watering, indirect light, normal indoor temperature, occasional fertilizer application will keep the plant healthy.

Heart Leaf Ivy

5. Bromeliads

This brightly colored plant adds more character, drama, and an exotic touch to the indoors. The appearance of the plant might indicate one would need special gardening skills to grow and care for them, but it is an easy to grow plant that requires only minimal care. Well-drained soil, high humidity, artificial lights, occasional fertilizing, a little water when the soil is dry is all the plant needs for its survival and production of the beautiful bright –colored leaves and flowers.



6. Dracaena Corn Plant

This popular indoor plant is grown in offices and homes. A few varieties of dracaena fragrans like Victoria, lindenii and massangeana have a different kind of leaves. The plant produces fragrant flowers when it grows in its natural habitat. However, indoors it is not likely to blossom. The foliage of this plant is the real attraction. The plant is easy to grow. It requires low light and very little water.

Dracaena Corn Plant

7. Spider Plant

The plant survives even with minimal attention/care. The leaves and stems of the spider plant grow quite long. Hence, it is grown in hanging baskets or can be placed on the corner table or shelf, which allows the stems and leaves to grow freely. Studies reveal that spider plants also reduce air pollution. This easy to care plant grows quickly and hence a favorite beginner’s plant.

Spider Plant