Decorating Your Child’s BedroomA child’s bedroom should contain decor that is both comforting and relaxing. It is a good idea to ask your children what they like before starting to decorate the room. It is also good to be flexible in the decor so that your children can grow with the room’s decor. Tastes change over the years and teenagers often have quite different tastes than their younger self did. If the decor takes this into account, there is no need to change it once the child becomes a teenager.

Here are some decorating tips for your child’s bedroom :

1. Using colorful accents and curtains will make the room bright and cheerful. Get input from your child since it is the child that has to occupy the room most often. Parents often get carried away with their own ideas, but it is better to let the child decide, to keep them happy and content in the room. Adding a valance can lessen bright light from overhead and define the opening of the window. A colorful pull-down shade or blinds should be added for privacy at night.

2. Using your kid’s toys as wall decor is a good idea to keep the room tidy and save on storage space. Hooks can be placed on the walls and shelves can be put up to house the toys. This should make keeping the room tidy much easier.

3. Paintings and prints can be added to the room if they are appropriate to the decor. Alternatively, it is possible to put murals on the walls. These can either be hand-painted or purchased as wallpaper. Many themes are available, such as sports or beaches.

4. Decorating the room with family photos and awards is another way to add a personal touch to the room. Pictures of happy vacations will bring fond memories for the child and add safety and comfort.

5. Depending on how old the child is, it may be fun to add lifelike statues of favorite action heroes or cartoon characters. This can make the decor unique and add some whimsy to the room.

6. Plants are appropriate for the room, as long as they are not toxic and the child is old enough not to be tempted to dig the dirt in the plant pots. Plants help to filter and clean the air and can add softness to the room.

7. Adding appropriate lampshades can add the right accent to any room. Lampshades can be purchased in all colors and sizes. It is also possible to purchase plain lampshades and then decorate them with the help of your child. This will add a sense of accomplishment when the child looks at the lampshade.

8. Sheets and pillows should be purchased so that they coordinate and are comfortable. Bedding can often be purchased to mix and match as well as go with the color of the curtains. Extra throw pillows can add comfort for when the child is lounging on the bed, reading, or talking on the phone.

9. There are decorations that can glow in the dark. These are great to put on the ceiling and when your child lies in bed, it will seem like a magical night sky. This can be fun as well as comforting and the child can use imagination while gazing up at the glowing night sky.

10. Putting educational items, such as books and maps, into the child’s room is a good start to the child’s learning experience. Maps and globes often build curiosity about the world in the child’s mind.

When kids have a bedroom that is decorated to their liking, they will be very content to spend time there. When there is more than one child sharing a room, children’s bunk beds are a good way to save space and give each child a private area.