Hunter Ceiling FansJohn and James Hunter the father and son duo developed the first Hunter ceiling fans in 1886.

The first ceiling fan developed by them used to run on water and since the company has come up with many different products that have captured the imagination of customers with their detailed craftsmanship.

There are a number of styles and designs to choose from and you can make your choice depending on your budget, the size of your room, and the height of your ceiling.

The materials that are used in the manufacture of these fans are of the highest quality and are available both for the outdoors and indoors.

What to look for when buying Hunter ceiling fans:

  • Design

The design of the Hunter ceiling fans dates back to the twentieth century and this makes it truly unique. Electrical motors often fail due to the heat that is generated while they run. However, the unique design of the Hunter fan draws the heat away from the electrical motor due to the use of cast iron in the manufacture of the motor. The extra weight of the motor will also ensure that the fan does not wobble and performs efficiently.

  • Motor

Compared to other fans the Hunter ceiling fans have a large motor and this helps the blades to be pitched at a 15-degree angle. There will be greater air movement because of this. The other unique feature of the motor is the oil bath lubrication system that is available. This feature will help protect the moving components of the motor and prolong its lifetime.

  • Blade size and finish

The size of the blade will vary from 36” to 60” depending on the size of the room. The blade finish could be off white, white, wicker, cloth, light wood finish, and maple.

  • Warranty

If the motor of the Hunter ceiling fans fails due to a defect in the manufacturing process, it will be replaced free of cost. The actual purchase price will be refunded if the part that has failed cannot be replaced. The warranty will not apply if the ceiling fan is not purchased and used in the United States of America.

  • Assembly

The Hunter ceiling fans are easy to assemble and most of them come ninety percent assembled. You would be able to install them on your own by following the simple instructions that are given along with the purchase.

  • Popular models

The most popular models of Hunter ceiling fans include Low Profile III Ceiling Fan, Five Minute Ceiling Fan, Caribbean Breeze Ceiling Fan, Fanaway Ceiling Fan, Eco-Air Ceiling Fan, and Mariner Ceiling Fan to name just a few.

While most customers are happy with the performance of the Hunter ceiling fans some of them had problems with the remote control that is used to operate these ceiling fans.

The Hunter ceiling fans have been a market leader in innovations and have several unique designs that have helped it stay on the top in this industry.

Hunter Ceiling Fans with Lights

Hunter ceiling fans with lights are available for small and large rooms, outdoor spaces, kid’s rooms, and rooms with low ceilings. These light kits are available in countless designs, types, sizes, and prices. Hunter manufactures mainly 3 types of fan light kits which contain schoolhouse globes, light fitters, and highlight kits.

These fans are available in online stores as well as retail stores. If you are planning to buy them online, the only thing you need to do is to visit the online store of Hunter Company. You will see a wide range of ceiling fan models on the website. With each model, its picture, a short description of the particular model, and its price will be mentioned.

Moreover, the online store will also give you suggestions for light bulbs. Select your desired model and place your order. For safe transactions always make sure to make your payment through credit card only.

The installation process of Hunter ceiling fans with lights is quite easy. You can do it on your own if you are well-informed about the installation procedure else you can hire a professional. If you have purchased the hunter ceiling fan online, ask your online retailer to provide the installation services.

Hunter ceiling fan dealers make hunter light kits particularly for hunter fans and they always recommend installing only hunter light kits in order to avoid accidents. Hence buy the light kits that will suit your fan model and will also go with the theme of your room.

Hunter ceiling fans with lights definitely have the edge over the ordinary fans but sometimes these are attractive loo.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Parts

They include the: motor, blades, blade arms, capacitors, remote controls, chain switches, Flywheel, if one of these parts to your All about Hunter ceiling fan parts.

Pros and Cons of Hunter ceiling fan parts


  • Maintenance: Hunter ceiling fan parts give you the better choice of not having to buy a new fan whenever one breaks down, by simply replacing the malfunctioning part. This means that will enjoy the service of a fan for a long due to its ease of replacing the parts.
  • Ease of access: Hunter ceiling fan parts are easily available in stores. They owe this to the popularity of the company fans and the duration they have been in the market.
  • Reasonable prices: We offer competitive prices to Hunter ceiling fan parts. Prices may vary from time to time, but we still remain offering the better offer to Hunter loyal customers.
  • Ease of Fitting: Throughout the manufacturing of the Hunter ceiling fan parts, the ease of their fitting is deeply kept in mind. This not only helps in the ease of repair and maintenance of the product but also lowers costs of repair to the customers.
  • Identification: The parts have different codes used to identify the correct part for a specific fan model. This means fewer strains in the identification of the correct part needed for the series or model of your fun, This evades waste of time and money in the identification of the parts and also greatly alleviates the events of buying wrong Hunter ceiling fan parts for your fan.


  • Cost: Unfortunately everything with value has to have a cost to it. One would need to purchase the parts at a low cost especially if the warranty period has expired. It’s also advisable that one gets a professional to fit in the parts and this means extra costs.

Why still choose Hunter fan ceiling parts? It’s because the Hunter ceiling fans and the Hunter ceiling fan parts are usually carefully made to ensure maximum possible service to their users. They have proved to be very reliable for the long time they have been around. It’s virtually impossible to get one replacing the same part with the same fun in a short spin.

We, therefore, insist that when buying the Hunter ceiling fans don’t just buy them from anywhere! For quality and affordable and professional advice to the Hunter ceiling fan, parts come to us and you will forever be grateful.