How to Sharpen Pole Saw Blade

Are you planning to use a pole saw to cut those other branches that are additional? Consider it convenient to use one. You also need a ladder to reach those branches that are very high. It is easy to cut branches whose size ranges from medium to thick. This will take just a few minutes. You will only achieve this by having it sharpened.

The blades are supposed to be sharpened earlier to prepare them for the task ahead. Blunt blades will not only strain the engine but also damage it. However, you may not be conversant with how you can sharpen the blades. This is just a simple procedure on how to sharpen a pole saw blade. It is not so complicated that you will not understand it. In this article, we are going to explore the various ways of sharpening saw blades.

How to clean a pole saw blade

Have the pole saw cleaned before you proceed to its edge. This is only possible if you disassemble it first. If you are a regular user of a pole saw, you must have done disassembling and assembling several times before.

Check the manufacturer’s manual if you do not get the process. Ensure that your saw is clean from all dirt, debris from the cuttings, and some impurities. A toothbrush comes in handy in this case.

Citrus is a preference of many compared to oil in the process of cleaning. However, citrus cleaning is the best there is. This is according to many users that have tried it. This is because virtually anything can be cleaned with.

Degreaser reagents can also be used to clean the blades. All you need to do is to blend them with water and throw the blades into the mixture in a container. Do the scrubbing using a piece of cloth after some minutes. After this, you need to rinse it and dry all the water on the blade.

Sharpening the pole saw using a file

Use a file to do the sharpening and this is going to be an easy task. You only need to observe the following steps:

Secure the pole saw blade in a Vice

A vice will ensure that the manual pole saw for cutting tree branches is restricted from any kind of movement as you do sharpening. This adds to your work some efficiency hence reducing the chances of an accident from occurring.

You need to pull the saw into an open place. You will do this by the use of a control rope. One end of the tree saw needs to be tied to it so that the latter remains open.

File the Beveled Blade

You need to be careful while filing because the angle of sharpening is to be set at 45-degrees. The beveled edge needs to be sharpened in steady motions and repeatedly to avoid rugged edges. These dull edges may be inefficient. Do the sharpening far away from your body. The upper edges need to be checked for a well-finished filing.

File the Saw Blade

A small circular metal is needed in sharpening the blade. You need to be careful because the blade may cut you. There are two types of blade edges for a tooth. These are: straight and round edges. Round corners of blades should be sharpened using this small rounded metal. You need to maintain your movement and speed while performing this task. Always keep a safe distance.

Oil it up

Lubricate the joints of the pole saw blade for a smooth cutting experience. It will also keep the blade safe from rusting.

Regular Maintenance

You need to have your saw well taken care of if you want it to serve you for a long time. This is why you need to keep filing it regularly. This will save you time and money taking it to the workshop for filing every time. It will even be prudent to buy more than one file.

Sharpen the pole saw using a Grinder

A professional furnish for your blade requires that you use a grinder to have it sharpened. This is the best tool you can use for this purpose because it does not consume a lot of time.

Remove the blade

The first step is to undo the blade from the machine. Ensure that it is also cleaned. Various models have different processes of removing the blades. However, all you can do is to undo the bolt to have it removed.

Clamp the blade firmly

You just need to fix it on the workbench using a clamp. Safety is now a must and your protective gear is supposed to be on. Do not apply a lot of pressure as you grind because of overheating.

Check the progress and Install the blade

To avoid too much sharpening, do the checking. It will cause damage to the blade. This will reduce its lifespan and you will not use it for long hours. You may now install the blade to your saw.

Things you should know

  • Your helmet and other safety equipment should be put on and ready before you start sharpening. Others are goggles, a sleeved shirt, and a face mask.
  • If you do sharpening 3-4 times, have your chain replaced with another new one.
  • Once the blades are well sharpened and cleaned, spray a lubricant.

Do not risk unnecessarily. Take your time to sharpen and clean the blades. Avoid accidents by all means.

Choose the most appropriate size of your file to be used in sharpening.

Final Verdict

Remember to use a sharp blade all the time. Dull blades will just consume your time for no good reason. They will also destroy your pole saw. A chain saw and a pole saw is sharpened the same way, therefore, it is an easy job. However, sharpening a pole saw can take relatively longer but after you have used it for some time, it will not be time-consuming.