organize keysKey is one of the most important daily essentials of our life. We try to keep them with us always but sometimes we lose the keys or forget where we have kept them.

To avoid this mess we should be disciplined regarding the keys. There are many traditional ways to organize the keys but a Magnetic key finder is the latest and best key organizer.

I have learned a lot from my online research search as nerdknowbetter. The magnetic key finder is the best solution to keep your home and car keys organized. Keeping them in one place makes finding your keys easy.

Why Is It Important To Organize Your Keys?

The lost or forgotten key is really stressful as it affects your brain’s temper. Including that there are some key points I have mentioned below on why it is important to keep your keys organized?

In case of loss

It is a hazard if you lost the keys because your day is ruined as you cannot enter your home or your workplace. If you attach all the keys then it is endless trouble for the day. You may have to change the whole key and lock sets which is a great disaster as it takes a long time.

In case you forget

you are ready to go according to your plan but by the time you cannot find the keys. Now try to remember but nothing comes to your mind. Then start looking at your trousers pockets then drawers then possibly every corner of the home till you find the keys. You may have found it after 30 minutes but you are late, what now? Start rushing to the destination which may cause another accident.

Makes your mind stressed at the beginning of the day

Just you are on the go but stuck for the keys, then start searching here and there. When you don’t find the keys slowly your temper hits as it hampers your regular activities. When you find them start to feel repentance as you are late, which makes you stress.

Waste of time and money

It is an unplanned task if you have to change the key sets suddenly. Which costs you valuable time and money as an added expenditure.

Ruins the freshness of mind

if it happens at the beginning of the day, your good morning turns to a bad morning which gives you some stress and anger. Which may destroy the creativity of your mind for the day, as nothing goes well with an upset or irritated mind. Or you came back home with an evening plan but stopped at the front of the door because of no keys. Which is really painful after working whole days.

There are more reasons to organize the key to make your day. As it is really disgusting to destroy your mood when you are stuck for the keys. So it is essential to keep your keys in a disciplined manner

Organize Keys For Home and Cars

Organize Keys For Home and Cars

There are two ways to organize the keys, one is the traditional way and another way is to use the latest technology. A device has been developed to organize the keys called the Magnetic key finder. Which is easy and comfortable with its user guide. Such as XY find it and MHDMAG magnetic hooks etc.

Traditional Ways to Organize the Keys

People used to maintain some rules to organize the keys before the technology. Such as, they used to keep the keys, wallets, and the other essentials in a specific place which they need before going out. Hang them with a key ring somewhere on a wall or color the keys to identify their usage. Using a key wallet also was a great idea but it was impossible to find if the wallet is lost.

Modern Ways to Organize the Keys

These days technology has developed almost everything to make life easier including a device to organize the keys. A tracking key organizing device is really amazing to find the keys if lost or forgotten. It is called a magnetic key holder that attaches the keys magnetically and locates the key holder with Bluetooth technology. Which can be used as an app on the mobile, just tap to see and find the key holder.

XY Find it Magnetic Key Holder

There are many magnetic key holders available in the market but amongst them, XY Find it is best according to my research. As it features a Bluetooth connection and a tracking system to find the keys which is a great advantage.

XY Find it

This device comes with a small key ring shape which acts as a tracking device. There is a Bluetooth feature that enables the device and Android Phone to connect with each other. It is controlled with an “XY Find it app” from mobile. If you cannot remember where you keep the key holder, just open the app and tab to see the last seen location to find it.

XY Find It Features

  • Made in with Bluetooth technology to make the connection between the device and App on the mobile
  • A GPS system helps to locate the key holder.
  • There is a buzzer ring with a loudspeaker, which ranges when calling from the mobile.
  • Its battery is long-lasting which is easy to replace.
  • The Apps cost no money or subscription fees, totally free to use.
  • It can be used as a tracking device for any purpose and its colorful design makes it look nice.
  • You can ring the device with your mobile, also you can ring your mobile with the XY Find its device.
  • Both of the devices ring auto if they cross their limited distance.

How To Set Up XY Find it


  • Unpack the newly purchased box and open the back cover by rotating it to the arrow direction. then insert the battery in its place.
  • Insert the battery in the arrow direction and close the back cover.
  • Download and install the XY Find it App from Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Turn the Bluetooth on your mobile then press and hold the left button of the “XY Find it” device for three seconds.
  • There will be a message saying that “ Connected Successfully”.
  • Name the device to recognize then click ok to finish the setup.

How To Use XY Find it

Touch the Find it button from the app screen to ring the Find it devise and click the left button to mute the sound. Tab and hold the Find it button to make a ring to the mobile and use the left button When the devices are at a safe distance there will be a beep alarm but makes a loud alarm if they are out of range.


It is confusing when we don’t find the keys in the time of our needs. On top of that, if it is lost then it makes a hassle. In case of that, a magnetic key holder works great to find out the keys. It organizes all of your keys including homes and cars.

There are more devices you can use as a key holder but I will recommend you to use the XY Find it. Because the tracking system is really great to find the keyholder and it can be used with anything which has the possibility of being lost.