how to make a rag rugYou’ve window-shopped so many rugs but still can’t decide. So why not look into custom area rugs? A custom area rug is made according to your specifications. In effect, these are your own creations. So they’re your very own exclusive creation that won’t be found anywhere else.

First of all, you’ll want to make sure they fit. You’ll come up with custom sized area rugs by measuring the space for them carefully. Nothing looks more tailored for specific spaces than a rug that fits a tee.

There are several companies that specialize in custom made area rugs. Each one has a process for customers to follow.

Major Companies

From the company’s catalog, customers select design themes for their custom-designed area rugs. These may range from traditional to hip designs, depending on the client’s taste. Custom rug makers also provide selections for materials, borders, colors, and other details.

These are some companies specializing in custom made rugs.

Mastercraft Carpet Makers

This company fabricates rugs that reflect your personal style. These unique rugs will suit your interiors and individual taste.
Rugs are handcrafted in the exact size you require. You can make an inspired choice by browsing through their extensive portfolio. Then find a design that catches your eye. Price quotes are ready in just 24-48 hours!

You can adjust your design according to your budget. First, a simple design. Then, add embellishments such as inlays and carpet sculptures until you reach your budget ceiling.

Rugrats Fine Carpets and Rugs

Rugs can be the perfect medium for personal artistic expression. Instead of spending hours deciding on room décor, why not have this company design your rug for you?

Their custom design options range from florals to geometric to Renaissance to Southwest.

Natural Home Rugs

This company’s custom rugs are made from all-natural fibers. Customers may select from materials such as sisal, seagrass, mountain grass, bamboo, leather, wool, or jute. Rugs can be made square or rectangular, round, oval, or octagonal.

Exotic Weaves

Exotic Weaves offers some high quality, hand-knotted, Tibetan rugs made from wools and silk. A design team assists customers. Exotic Weaves offers knot construction selections whether cut pile, closed-loop, tiered piles, and other styles. These rugs may be square, rectangular, round, oval, and even asymmetrical. Rugs may be delivered within eight to twelve weeks.

Creative Accents

Creative Accents offers more than 160 styles. Each can be made using a palette of one hundred stock colors. These are ideal for faithfully reproducing the colors in custom logo rugs, which are great for businesses. Rugs are guaranteed fade resistant and use materials such as New Zealand wool and nylon. The company also offers fast delivery times.

When you know just what you want but can’t find it anywhere, your best option is customization. Custom area rugs are one of a kind solutions for your decorating projects.

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