How to keep outdoor rugs cleanOutdoor rugs are rugs that are designed to withstand the conditions of being outdoors, obviously!.

Nevertheless, even a rugged rug, no pun intended, designed for being in the outdoors all or most of the time, is going to need a good cleaning every now and then, considering it will be exposed to environmental conditions – and dirt – in ways no indoor rug ever will be.

Is it possible to keep outdoor rugs clean?

How can I keep my outdoor rug nice looking?

These are questions that outdoor rugs companies anticipate – and because of this, the best companies know they need to make an outdoor rug that can both be durable enough to stay outside but also easy enough to handle to be kept clean.

Tips for keeping your outdoor rugs clean

Take a look at the following tips for keeping your outdoor rugs clean. File it away and use what applies as necessary!

1. Consider Using Bamboo Rugs

Rugs made primarily from bamboo, such as those outdoor rugs from the Anji Mountain Rug Company, are some of the easiest outdoor rugs to clean. Usually cleaning a rug like this involves first shaking it, and then, if dirt and whatnot are still present, taking a damp cloth and applying it to the finish, rubbing it until the dirt is gone.

If dirt is still present, apply a cleaning solution to the cloth, but be sure to use a test area first. It’s possible a strong cleaning solution could affect the tone or clarity of the colors naturally present in an outdoor bamboo rug.

2. Use Outdoor Rugs Seasonally Only

In some climates, this is perhaps an obvious statement, but in other places where the climate is mild or winters are not too severe, consider just packing up the rug and placing it indoors for the season.

While weather such as strong snows or constant spring rains should not present a problem for an outdoor rug – they are, after all, designed to be outdoors, this does not mean they are going to NOT get dirty or perhaps permanently altered from such conditions. The same is even true of great weather – direct sunlight on an outdoor rug can dull the colors of the rug, over time.

Since few people are going to be enjoying the outdoors all season long, the patio or whatever rugged area they intend to enjoy outside does not need to have the rug present all year long.

3. Add It To Your Cleaning Chores

Just because it’s outside doesn’t mean it should get left out of the cleaning chores! Integrate cleaning the rug into your other cleaning to increase the lifespan of the rug. This can mean different things to different people. For some, this means simply shaking and wiping down the rug once a week.

(This is the easiest way to increase the lifespan and the aesthetic value of the rug. Simply shake the rug clean of external debris and then gently wipe it down with a damp cloth.) For others, it may mean having it professionally washed once a month or every season.

For some, a good rule of thumb – if the rug size-wise and material-wise permits such a thing – is to simply throw it in the washer once or twice a month and give it a good cleaning.

4. Get Twice As Much For Your Dollar By Using a Reversible Outdoor Rug

This isn’t so much a cleaning tip as a nifty little trick! But when it comes to round outdoor rugs, one way to increase the lifespan of the rug is to buy a reversible rug. This means that you can flip it over and have a new rug!

This means the rug will have twice the lifespan as a normal rug (unless you chop it in half on purpose or something horrendous happens to it). One way this can relate to keeping the rug clean is to flip the side of the exposed rug over every time you clean it! This trick is one of my favorites.

The great part about keeping an outdoor rug clean is that it’s not as relevant as keeping indoor rugs clean. In other words, rare is the person who looks at an outdoor rug and notices any dirt or problems with its cleanliness! It is, after all, an outdoor rug, right?

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