How to Clean a Humidifier – Easy Steps You Should Know

Not sure how to clean a humidifier? For those who live in a place with a dry climate, having this device is important to keep at home. However, it is essential to keep your humidifier clean to make sure it is working properly. It is only a matter of applying the right techniques in cleaning and maintaining your humidifier to prolong its lifespan.

Key Facts about a Humidifier

Before you learn the right ways on how to clean a humidifier, you may want to gain a better understanding of this device. Primarily, a humidifier can hold a sufficient amount of water to vaporize it, and you inhale the vapor released into the air. After use, it is important to clean it thoroughly, although you will have to check the manual for instructions on how to clean the device properly.

If your humidifier is stored in the closet after not using it again for months, you need to clean it first to make sure it is safe to use. According to allergists, it is not advisable to use a humidifier that has been stuck somewhere with water for weeks. A device in such a condition increases your likelihood of getting mold, which is not good for your system.

How to Clean a Humidifier: Simple Guide to Follow

During winter months when the climate is dry, having humidifiers at home can be a huge benefit. With this device, you can minimize your chances of catching air-born ailments and dry skin. Just make it a point to clean it properly and thoroughly, so you can avoid any issues linked with using unclean humidifiers.

Check out this step by step cleaning guide to ensure that your humidifier remains well-maintained and properly functioning for years.

1. Prepare the things you need

Before you get started cleaning your humidifier, it makes sense to prepare all the materials you will need. These items include white vinegar, tea tree oil or bleach, bottle brush, water, and a humidifier. However, be sure to check the user’s manual if you need to use a bottle brush for scrubbing away dirt in the device.

2. Take the components apart

Remove any remaining water that is still in the tank, and break down the different components of your humidifier. A number of humidifiers come with a lock that is necessary when removing one piece found over the heating element. This means you will have to check parts that need to be taken apart, and look for areas that require special attention.

3. Use vinegar for cleaning

When cleaning your humidifier, you may have to use vinegar for optimum disinfection. Other users, though, prefer to add some bleach as this can help cleanse the device thoroughly. If you use vinegar, you may pour it on the base and water tank. As for the other parts of the humidifier, you may want to place them all in a bowl or tub, then soak these pieces with vinegar to get rid of deposits stuck in them. If your manual indicates that these parts are dishwasher-safe, then go ahead and pop them into the unit for easy cleaning.

4. Clean with a brush

There are some humidifiers equipped with a brush for quick cleaning. However, if yours does not have any, then a regular bottle brush may work in loosening dirt. In case deposits have already been removed with the help of vinegar, then there is no need to use a brush for scrubbing.
5. Rinse thoroughly with tap water.

After you have cleaned every component of your humidifier, you may begin rinsing the unit and its parts with tap water. Be sure to give each component a shake to further remove any dirt or debris, and allow each of the pieces to air-dry.

Additional Tips You Should Know

If you notice some tough spots in the device with stubborn dirt, you may add more vinegar to remove debris. Moreover, consider cleaning the unit weekly to avoid the deep accumulation of dirt. If you prefer to clean on a monthly basis, you will have to go through the long process of cleaning up.