Best Pergola Plans,Pergola PlansPergolas are a beautiful way to cover outdoor living spaces. Pergolas are particularly beautiful when installed in a garden or over a patio. There are many different pergola plans and designs to choose from. By following pergolas plans, you can easily save a lot more money because you will be able to choose your own materials.

Most homeowners prefer freestanding or a partial pergola for decorating and sheltering their walkways, patios, and decks. Freestanding patio pergola plans are an excellent option because they are simple and cheaper to construct. It is always a good idea to have a professional builder look over your pergola plan to ensure that it is a safe and durable design. For bigger patios or long walkways, installing a series of smaller pergolas is an excellent option. There are many DIY pergola plans available for free or sale on the internet which make pergola installation easy and inexpensive for homeowners.

The two basic types of pergolas are freestanding and attached. The freestanding types are supported by poles and the common or preferred shape for this design is rectangular. Climbing vines or draping fabric materials can be added to give more coverage. Attached pergolas are attached to an existing structure. There are also many other types such as a walkway pergola which can be used to highlight particular spaces in your landscape or a swing pergola which contains a swing so you can sit and relax in your outdoor oasis.

If you have decided to purchase a kit, you will still have to decide on which pergola designs or types will work best for your property. You will also have to choose which building material is best for pergolas. There are many materials to choose from but aluminum and vinyl are by far the most affordable. Aluminum pergolas are very easy to maintain, pest proof, and do not rust or deteriorate like many other materials. These pergolas may lack traditional feel, but many come with faux wood grain designs that make the aluminum look very much like wooden materials. Powder coating the aluminum structure increases the lifetime of the pergola and also gives a luxurious finish.

Vinyl pergolas are just as popular and very cost-effective options. These require even less maintenance than aluminum and typically come with a lifetime warranty. Vinyl is flexible, contains a softer feel, and looks almost similar to wood depending on the appearance that you choose.