How to Choose an Area RugThere are so many kinds of area rugs to choose from, different types, materials, colors, shapes, prints, and designs. You can use your area rugs either for indoor or outdoor, hallway or stair runners. Sometimes it’s confusing to decide what kind of area rugs to use.

If you are in the market for area rugs and you don’t have any idea what type are you looking for, these questions can help you decide which area rugs to choose from.

What part of your house do you plan to use area rugs?

This will help you decide not only the size of the area rugs but also for what purpose you will choose it.

What is the size of the room?

Before buying area rugs, it is always safe to measure the area where you want your area rugs to put than going out buying without the measurement, you might end up with area rugs either too big or too small for the room.

How often will that area be walk on, and are there children or pets?

If the area you will put your area rugs have high foot traffic, you might want to choose some material that are more durable than others. For example, wool rugs are more durable and it does not flatten easily.

Will you use it indoor or outdoor?

If you will use area rugs for indoor, then there are no limit for what kind of material you can use but if you will use area rugs for outdoors, you have to be careful what material to use. If you are looking for natural material, you can use sisal or bamboo fibers for outdoor area rugs. If they got wet, they dry up fast but hard to clean. You can buy synthetic like polypropylene or nylon. The area rugs made from these materials can be water and UV resistant which make it more durable.

How often will you change the area rugs or do you want the area rugs to be a family heirloom?

If you will change your area rugs very often to compliment the change in your house décor, its best to buy synthetic fiber like polypropylene or nylon because area rugs from these materials are more affordable and they come in an array of designs and colors. But if you are looking for area rugs that will become a family heirloom, look for hand-knotted area rugs. They are the most durable and high-quality rugs. The more knot per square inch the better, look for at least 400 to 750. The denser the knot the better.

What style and color is the existing furnishing in your room?

Choosing area rugs to match your current furnishing is a matter of taste. You can match not only based on the color but also based on the style of your furnishing. Or you can use area rugs as a contrast to make your room interesting.

How much is your budget?

Buying area rugs can cost you from $50 to thousands of dollars. Synthetic materials like nylon are cheaper and it does not fade in colorfast. Area rugs made from cotton are also affordable and it is easy to clean, but it wears out fast and stains are hard to remove. Wool area rugs are more durable and naturally stain resistant but they cost more. Machine-made area rugs are cheaper than hand-knotted area rugs like genuine Persian rugs which can cost thousands of dollars, but you can find a middle ground in hand-tufted rugs (half man-made, half machine-made). Hand-tufted rugs give you quality at a more affordable cost.