Home Dynamix RugsA well-known name in floor decoration in New York, Home Dynamix has a very good collection of area rugs. These can be used to cover floor space for comfort reasons and also add extra elements of decoration to the interiors of your home.

Area rugs help to cover a certain area of floor space, as opposed to wall-to-wall carpeting, and make walking a comfortable experience in your home. There are different sizes, shapes, and kinds of area rugs that you can find at Home Dynamix, and you can match the right area rug with your interior decoration for the best effect.

Like all of the company’s products, home Dynamix rugs are made by accomplished artisans using select materials. Home Dynamix began in 1986, established by the Evar Family. Within its first few years, it became the New York metropolitan area’s leading floor covering manufacturer.

A milestone in the company’s history was the purchase of a Bulgarian textile mill.

Through years of developing its products, the company has remained committed to values the company has held since the beginning. A Home Dynamix Rug stands for uncompromising standards and inventive design.

Best Home Dynamix Rugs Reviews


1. Home Dynamix Sagrada Southwest Area Rug 5×7 Black/Red/Ivory

Home Dynamix Sagrada Southwest Area Rug 5x7 Black/Red/Ivory

2. Home Dynamix Vega Modern Area Rug, Geometric Black/Brown/Red 5’2″X7’2″

Home Dynamix Vega Modern Area Rug, Geometric Black/Brown/Red 5'2

3. Home Dynamix Eric Carle Elementary USA Map Educational Kids Area Rug 6’6″x9’5″ Blue/Red

4. Home Dynamix Harper Woods Accent Rug, 36″ Round, Pink

Home Dynamix Harper Woods Accent Rug, 36

5. Home Dynamix Nicole Miller Kenmare Capri Vintage Area Rug, Gray 5’3″x7’2″

Home Dynamix Nicole Miller Kenmare Capri Vintage Area Rug, Gray 5'3

About Home Dynamix

Home Dynamix has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1986, when the children of the Evar family helped Moshe Evar unload the first container of rugs and carry them to his basement. Today, Home Dynamix is a thriving name in floor decoration and has its own textile mill. It has been, for some decades, the leading supplier of floor accessories in the metropolitan area of New York. Home Dynamix sells all kinds of floor covering, including rugs, mats and flooring, and also stocks bedding and window products.

An Element of Style

Home Dynamix now imports rugs and employs skilled artisans to manufacture different kinds of rugs in different styles and looks. There are various collections of Home Dynamix rugs that you can look through to find an area rug that best fits in your home. You can find them in different sizes and shapes to decorate your floor.

Area rugs are a great alternative for carpeting because they require none of the inconveniences involved in the wall-to-wall installation of carpets – and still soften the floor for your feet, and liven up your room. They are available in different designs and colors, that you can look through to choose the one that goes best with your room.

Different Styles

Home Dynamix area rugs come in different styles and colors, depending on which room you will use them in, and what sort of decoration the room has. You can have Oriental styles – or European styles. Some are modern designs with contemporary color combinations.

Some of the collections that are sold by Home Dynamix include the Empress Collection, the Kidz Collection, the Pinnacle Collection, the Madlena Collection, the Monaco Collection, and the New Weave Collection. Home Dynamix area rugs are available at several retail stores as well and the more popular collections can be found quite easily.

Home Dynamix Evolution Rugs

One million points per square meter of the premium heat-set yarns go into each rug in the Evolution series. This collection is a favorite of interior designers. This rug is hand-carved for detailed and luxurious effects. An Evolution rug brings a touch of artistry to every floor.

Home Dynamix New Generation Rugs

Skillfully detailed and tastefully tinted, New Generation rugs have youthful but enduring designs. A rug from this collection is contemporary in the pattern but timeless in beauty. These rugs resist soil and other stains.

They won’t fade so the colors stay vivid. Made of durable material, these area rugs are affordable and easy to maintain. They’re pet-safe as well.

Home Dynamix Natalie Rugs

Rich detailing and lush color distinguish the Natalie rug collection. From bold, progressive hues like of black and red, to old-fashioned shades of Ivory, Gold, and Green, this collection is chic but affordable.

Power-loomed of long-lasting polypropylene yarn, Natalie rugs resist fading, soil, and other stains. Each rug comes in a choice of five sizes.

Home Dynamix Kidz Image Rugs

This collection features animated, playful colors and innovative patterns. These Home Dynamix rugs are sure to set your child in a wonderful mood. They are made from 100% Poly Acrylic Cut and Loop Pile.

Kidz Image rugs are made to be durable, to withstand the pitter-patter of little feet for many years. This collection is perfect for children’s bedrooms and playrooms.

Home Dynamix Catalina Rugs

This is a collection of luxuriant heavy-weight rugs detailed to show hand-carved effects. The collection features an eclectic set of fashion-forward designs. Made of 100% polypropylene yarn, a Catalina rug will easily be any room’s highlight.

Machine-woven or hand-tufted, a Home Dynamix rug is a fine addition to your home decor. From Evolution to Catalina, any choice from the Home Dynamix Area Rug collections will add beauty to any floor. From 100% wool to the new synthetic fibers, these are creations of lasting value.

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