Hanging Decoration IdeasLiving spaces not necessarily require fancy and costly decorations or permanently situated articles that are hard to take off or that would somehow or the other screw up the look.

While most of you would love to invite someone or the other, here are some hanging decorations that might help you create a great impression on them and leave them amazed.

Hanging Decoration Ideas That Will Light Up Your Living Space

1. Wall Art

Wall art provides the other person with the idea as to your character and this is your chance to show your personality (maybe to someone special). For a dull room, the best way to brighten is with wall art of landscapes or a street or any famous building. Posting Che Guevara or Pink Floyd graffiti would of course give you a hippie feeling (or even make yourself feel young).

Wall Art

2. Lamps

Hanging Lamps are a very common sight in everyone’s home. They provide light, beautify the room, and do not take a lot of space. With colored lamps again you can bring the inner self out to the guests. The invitees surely are going to notice the same and are going to appreciate the idea of having such lighting.


3. Lights

The lamps aren’t the only articles that can provide lighting all over the living space. Lights stuck in and around the wall are equally as good as the lamps in providing a shine. There are numerous ways in which lights can be placed and this again depends upon your style and comfort, but surely a must-have hanging in your living space.


4. Photos

It would be a crime if you didn’t have your college’s final year photo hanging on the wall, or even a picture with your family. Inviting friends would give them immense pleasure while locating themselves in the picture from college days and your family members would feel the same while talking about the event when the picture was taken. A collage is also helpful in these circumstances.


5. Fanatic’s World

The people from the west side have guns and a hat hanging on the walls. In the forest areas, the deer’s head or a roaring bear are other options for the residents. These items can be of great interest for the fellow invitees and having them would make them question you about them as well. Hanging a collection of swords is the way by which royal families remind others about their past; do not get violent in terms of thinking about such ideas.

6. Mirrors

Mirrors have had a routine of being placed in the washroom or your dressing tables, but on the contrary, mirrors can be used in the main living room or even your dining room, basically most of the living spaces. The guests, well some of them are very interested in checking themselves out and flaunt themselves. Therefore, differently styled mirrors are a great option for you to add to your living space area.


7. Hanging Pots

Greenery is a good tactic for someone to feel happy about. Having small hanging pots or even colored flowers will provide the guests with a different but happy feeling as they enter your home. Moreover, having small plants in and around your living space makes the area cool and a nature lover would be keen in asking you the names of the plants that you have in your home; we’ll be prepared.

Hanging Pots