Hand And Footprint ArtIf you love to give a touch of you and your family in the house and you do not what to do, then don’t worry. There are many things that you can do in your house, which will display the love between you and you’re your family. Creative ideas can never go wrong and they will always look cute and adorable.

The hand and footprints art ideas in the house are something that you can easily do and make your house look lovely and adorable. There are many creative ideas and you can choose whatever you want to do. It is more like making something that you love the most for your house and it will display the affection and love of your family. There are many classic and adorable ideas.

Mentioned Below Are The 8 Most Fun Hand And Footprint Art Ideas For Home Décor

1. The Family Photo Frame

Whenever someone thinks of doing some art with the handprints, the first thing that comes to mind is the photo frame, where you take a print of your palm in a plain sheet and frame it. it looks very adorable and cute.


2. Create The Family Tree

This is another fun idea that you can do with your handprint. If you love making the family tree, then this time do it a little creatively. Take the handprint of the entire family and put it on the sheet. It looks very cute and is also a fun activity.


3. Footprint Butterfly Flower Pot

The footprint flowerpot is an interesting idea that you can do in your pots. Use colors to color your foot and create a butterfly-like pattern on the pot. It looks very cute and is also a fun activity. Involve your kids to do this activity and you will surely have a good time with them.


4. Footprint Kitchen Tray

Love doing things that include your family and also, which shows love and affection then this can be a fun idea for you. Take a plain white ceramic tray and use your footprints to create a heart in a corner. It looks very cute and adorable and is also a fun activity.


5. Yearly Handprint Art For Your Wall

This is a very cute idea and you can dedicate a wall to your kids, where you can track their yearly handprints on a canvas and hang them in a corner of your room or their room. It looks very cute and is a fun thing to do every year.

6. The Footprints Truck

This is a very cool idea and is an extremely fun activity. All you need to is take a small canvas and the entire family can give their footprints on a different canvas. You can then use your creativity and create different fancy trucks or cars around it. It looks very cute.

7. Create The Disney Princess Using Your Foot Prints

This is a very cool idea and you can use your footprint for this art. In a canvas make colorful footprints and create the Disney princess around it. It can be perfect wall art for your girl’s room.

8. Create A Clay Piece With Love

Having something made out of the kids’ footprint is adorable and you can cherish them all your life. This is a fun activity and all you need is the clay of heart shape and your kids’ footprint on it. Later color it and use it as a showpiece. It looks very adorable.