Garage Floor Mats

Garages like any other area of our house or business need to be protected from daily wear and tear and other external factors such as spills, chemicals, dirt and dust, and extreme weather conditions.

Garage floor mats are an extremely efficient way of shielding your garage floor from oil, gas, or grime. These coverings and mats are quick and easy to install and available in a wide variety of sizes.

Depending on your needs garage floor matting can be used for various applications. Roll-out garage flooring is an easy way to cover the entire area under the cars and protect the garage floor from oil spills and stains. These mats are available in three types of surface patterns which include a clear cover for people who want the garage floor to be visible.

Containment mats protect the area under the vehicles and protect it from any water, snow, and ice spills on the floor. Interlocking garage tiles are another variety of garage floors considered to create the look of a whole new floor and are very popular with showrooms. These interlocking PVC floor tiles can be installed very easily and can be driven on without any restrictions.

Before making a final decision on any of these types of floor mats, it is very important to understand the product details and the advantages and disadvantages of each of these garage floor mats.

Roll out Garage Floor Mats

Protecting the garage floors from harmful materials and spills has never been easier than the roll-out mats. They are usually made of rolls of polyvinyl or rubber material, which can be simply rolled onto a floor without any adhesives and then trimmed to fit. These mats lay flat on rolling out and can be driven on instantly after installation.

Most manufacturers offer different types of roll-out flooring in sizes that can easily be cut and customized according to your specific needs. The newest trend in roll-out flooring is called SpeckDeck. It is made out of an 80 mil thick vinyl material. It is waterproof and does not crack or give in to normal tears. The material and its composition also prevent it from delaminating. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

It has the finish of a tri-color granite slab and is available in four different colors. The width and length can be easily customized. Other than this new product the two other types of mats that are easily available are the G-floor roll-out covers and the G-floor clear cover protector.

These mats are suitable for vans and trucks carrying cargo as they prevent the load from shifting and are very durable. Motorcycle showrooms and buyers both prefer these kinds of floor coverings as they combine functionality and design for the ultimate storage need. When used on trailers these mats prevent rust and rotting of the wood.

The durability of the vinyl material makes it suitable for long-term use. Some of its other uses include covering workshop and kennel floors. The ribbed design is totally seamless and provides complete anti-static and non-conductive coverage for the area used.

Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles

These tiles provide easy transformation of any surface into a high-quality floor. The affordability of the product makes it popular amongst the users and convinces them to use it for other purposes such as covering basement floors, decks, or patios, etc.

These tiles can also create unique aesthetic looks by mixing color and patterns. The patterns and durability make it an ideal choice for heavy traffic areas. Manufacturers are very confident about this PVC product and offer a long-term warranty.

The drainage patterns of the tile make it functional when it is connected to other patterns and used for areas exposed to water or excessive dirt. The installation of these tiles does not require any messy glues or adhesives which is a huge advantage over other tiles.

Containment Mats

These types of garage floor mats are made of vinyl and are, therefore, ideal to keep dirt, snow, ice, and water off the garage floors. They are offered in standard and heavy-duty thickness. They can endure the weight of any vehicle including golf carts, motorcycles, or even ATVs.

These can be especially helpful during the winter months when vehicle tires carry in the snow and slush and make the vehicles slippery. These mats do require a certain degree of assembly but when combined with other products such as the Garage Door Threshold Seals, they help maintain the garage moisture-free and skid resistant.

A buyer can choose from the different types of containment mats are such as garage mats, vinyl floor protectors, threshold seal, motorcycle mats, etc. Each has its own design feature which makes it unique for certain types of uses. Made of vinyl, these heavy-duty tiles efficiently keep the garages clean, dry, and safe. They also protect the garage floors from tire chains and other corrosive elements.

Helpful Tips

A few things to keep in mind while using garage floor mats are:

• Cleaning the floor before installation to prevent a smooth finish

• Starting at the entrance and finishing at the back of the garage when unrolling the mats directly

• Allowing the mats to lay flat and relax before trimming to avoid contraction or expansion when used under extreme temperatures the mats should be

• Trimming the edges with sharp scissors or utility knife to create a seamless finish.

Amongst all the available garage flooring options in the market, G-Floor is considered to be the easiest to install, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable when compared to traditional epoxy coatings or other vinyl floor coverings. G-Floor is superior to these alternatives because it is manufactured with high grade solid polyvinyl that has a consistent resistance all through the product.

The chemical composition and design make it suitable not only for garage floors but also for floors in bathrooms, laundry rooms, or other heavy traffic areas needing a protective yet cushioned floor cover.

A rubber floor mat is useful in many places in the home

1. In the garage

You will find interlocking rubber floor mat tiles for use in the garage which provides an attractive surface as well as practical flooring. The tiles can be set in patterns and fitting or installation is simply a matter of snapping them together.

Rubber tiles are a great way of giving your garage floor a facelift. You will also find a simple rubber garage floor mat for use under your car which prevents dirt and oil spills under your car. These mats can be taken outside and hosed clean and they help keep your garage floor free of debris and stains.

2. In Wet Areas

You will also find rubber floor mats useful in any place where dampness and slipping may be a problem. For example, they are useful in the bathroom and kitchen and in the garden at the poolside (if you are lucky enough to have a pool).


3. In Entrance ways

You will also find rubber mats very useful as doormats for your entrance hall or porch. I have a rubber mat that looks just like a Victorian cast ironwork door mat and it looks great just outside the door, stays looking good (no rust problems!), and prevents mud from being trailed into the house.

4. In Exercise Areas

Rubber floor mats are useful to prevent feet from slipping when doing floor exercises such as yoga and they are also essential to prevent floor damage under heavy home exercise equipment. If you are thinking of buying a treadmill, home gym, exercise bike or elliptical trainer always buy a large rubber mat to put under it. A few dollars outlay at the start can save you a lot of money by not having to replace your floor.

5. When You Want to be Trendy

Although it may seem a bit utilitarian and functional rubber mat flooring has actually become beloved by designers in recent years and you will find textured solid rubber in wonderful colors used as chic flooring in kitchens and bathrooms. The use of rubber flooring materials originated in the workplace where it is important for safety to have a firm yet cushioned non-slip surface.

Now you can get rubber matting in sheet form for use at home. It is easy to keep clean and it looks fantastic. It can be quite expensive, however (something to do with it being trendy now? ) so if funds are limited you may want to find something similar in vinyl flooring instead of breaking your budget and going for the highly expensive techno rubber mat flooring.