Farmhouse table plans help you build a beautiful table that will make your friends and family jealous. A table refers to an object with a flat upper surface that is horizontal in shape.

A table helps an individual to help support certain required objects for show or for storage. Using our farmhouse table plans will help you build the perfect farmhouse table to meet all of your needs.

There are many kinds of tables like the dining table, which allows people to get seated and eat meals; bedside table, which allows people to keep their lampshades and alarm clocks along with any other item; a coffee table which is used mainly in living rooms to serve refreshments and also the Farmhouse Table Plans, which serve many purposes in one’s farmhouse.

Farmhouse tables are one of those tables which have evolved with time. Earlier, these tables were the necessity of settlers and travelers but today, it is one of the items which are used to enhance the home decor.

Earlier, these farmhouse tables were made up of long planks of uncured wood which were ripped and strapped together. With the passage of time, the wood would warp and splint and would thereby help in giving it its unfinished rustic look. However, today, these tables are not only definitive of the country style but also of their contemporary looks.

Advantages of Farmhouse tables

The following are the advantages of farmhouse tables:

• These types of tables are very strong which makes them durable enough to sometimes last for a lifetime

• These tables are available in various shapes and sizes. The different size helps to serve a wide variety of purposes of the clients

• Along with high utility, many of these tables are used for home decor as it has both style and design

• The length and width of a farmhouse table is perfect for large meals and for family dinner


Usually, farmhouse tables are rectangular in shape. Due to this shape, it can be made the centerpiece of any room and it can also be combined with other differently shaped furniture. In order to give a more dramatic look, these tables may be painted in different colors according to the taste of the clients.

Traditionally, Farmhouse Table Plans were mostly available with wooden benches which were similar in design but today, these tables are available with different colored chairs which are in contrast and help the set to get a more modern look.

How to make a farmhouse table?

Example Farmhouse Table Plan

The following are simple steps by which one can make their own farmhouse table using one of our farmhouse table plans:

• The material list would include four table legs, wood glue, brad nailer, 3 different preferred sizes of barn boards ( three- 1”x4”x8’; three- 2”x 4”x8 and six- 1”x7”x8’ of barn boards), pocket screw holes ( 11/4”) and brad nails (15/8”).

• For the table base, we need to first attach the table legs using the pocket hole screws and wood glue. Attaching and assembling it on the ground makes the work easy. Starting from the leg, we need to mark and attach the 2×4” to the 1×4”.

• After that, we need to paint the table, depending on the finish of the bottom and tabletop.

• For the tabletop, we first determine the top of the board and then flip it over. This needs to be done as we are attaching the tabletop on the first board. We need to mark 2’ from the end and 1” from the side after which we flip the table back and place it on top of the table. We should ensure that the board matches up with the top corner of the table legs.

• If we are not using shiplap barn boards, we need to attach all the boards using pocket hole screws and finally attach them to the bottom in the same manner. However, if we are using shiplap barn boards, we need to continue attaching using brad nails till all the boards are attached. While attaching, we need to make sure that all the boards are on the level.

One can also use cured, sanded, and varnished wood to get a more contemporary feel. In addition to it, contrasted chairs may be added to make the set look even better.