Looking for some remarkable tiki torch ideas to brighten up your backyard for a cool bonfire or a warm evening party this winter? Then, you are in the right place. Here are five wonderful ideas to design your own tiki torch and flatter your guests with your skills. Hope these ideas will inspire you to get more creative.

Tiki Torch Ideas For Your Backyard

1. Mason Jar Tiki Torch

Mason jar tiki torch is a simple and inexpensive DIY project that will add a stylish look to your yard. All you would need is some clean jam or jelly containers, cotton gauze, citronella fuel, a knife, scissors, and some decorative marbles or pebbles. Be it a romantic dinner or a rustic party, a lot of mason jar tiki torches placed all over the yard will make the atmosphere fun, colorful and brighter and citronella fuel will help keep the annoying bugs away.

Mason Jar Tiki Torch

2. Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

This tiki torch is quite similar to the aforementioned mason jar tiki torches, these make a great lighting option as wall-mounted lights. Easy on the pocket and stylish and classic in their looks, the wine bottle tiki torches will give the party a better feel. With their various shapes and color, these lights make a unique centerpiece or when attached with metal attachment, they make very cute wall-mounted lights.

Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

3. Decorated Beer Bottles

Beer bottle tiki torches are easy to make and commonly found in many houses, but if you want yours to look different and do not want anyone to know what bottles you have used, an easy way is to hide them with decorations. Use spray paint to paint the entire bottle and decorate it with burlap the way you want it to look. An easy and versatile craft isn’t it!

Decorated Beer Bottles


4. Tiki Torch Decor

This is again an amazing way to add lights to your yard without disturbing anyone’s way. Attach tiki torches to neat slender poles of color that match the party decoration and stick the pole into a planter. Decorate the planter with matching rocks, foliage, and flowers and extend the poles outwards, so that there is ambient lighting. The lighting itself will make a fanciful décor that adds style and excitement to the party.

Tiki Torch Decor

5. Used Lantern Tiki Torch

Lanterns are an important icon in Japanese gardens as it enhances the beauty of the place along with serving its primary purpose of illumination. Lanterns are seen as a symbol of brightness and protection from evil in Japanese gardens. If you want to add Japanese spirit to your yard, pick up some old lanterns from the flea market and paint them bright. Stick them on a pole and use them for lighting your yard bright. This will be the coolest feature in your yard.

Reused Lantern Tiki Torch