1. Use Picture

You can use your family members’ pictures to decorate your flowerpots. It will add a unique flavor to your living room.
Especially your kids will love them.


2. Use Old Shoes

Use your old shoes as a flower pot. This is really a mind-blowing idea. Everybody will like this.


3. Make Figure

You can make your flower pots just like the picture. That will really look nice and unique. Anyone can make this by using some mud pots.


4. Decorate Using Picture Cutting

Decorating your flowerpot using picture cutting is really a great idea. By following some easy steps, you will become a great art and craft expert.

5. Use Laces To Decorate your Flower Pot

Using laces for decorating flower pots is a unique idea. When decorating using laces you have to remember that you should not place your flowerpot outside. If you do so, it will damage very soon. Before decorating with laces, you should color the pot. It will increase beauty. Then apply a gum on the area where you want to place the lace and place the lace over it.


6. Decorate Using Colorful Threads

You can decorate your flower pots using colorful threads. It looks colorful as well as it is easy to make. At first, apply gum to the outside of the pot. Using a brush spread it evenly. Then roll a thread over it. You use multiple colors or one single color according to your convenience.

7. Write Beautiful Quotes

Writing of the beautiful quotes on your flowerpot is an intelligent idea. Everybody will appreciate your thoughts. You can also give names to your plants and write them on the pot. Remember that, before writing on your pot smooths the outer surface. If you want, you might paint your pot it will also look very good.

8. Paint Your Pot

Paint your flowerpot with lots of colors. It will look very gorgeous and artistic. If you have a light-colored wall, then this is the most appropriate idea for your house. Remember that, before painting, you should smooth the outer surface area of the pot.

9. Make Your Own Flower Pot Using Bottle

Very interesting and beautiful flowerpot may make using unused bottles. It looks artistic and you are using waste bottles so in doing this you are helping your nature also.

10. Make Your Own Flower Pot Using Stone

If you have a garden, then this is a great idea for you. At first, make the desired shape using an iron net or wire then fill it with small garden stone. Colorful stone may be used.