DIY Kitchen Table PlansDo you want to have a dining table with a lower budget? Well, you don’t have to be worried if you don’t have enough budget to get it. You can make it by yourself. There are some simple plans that are easy to apply. So, you can try one of those plans at your home. Then, you can get a simple dining table with multi-functions.


Talking about simple designs of the dining table, actually, this article is going to discuss DIY kitchen table plans. So, by reading this article you can get brilliant ideas to have a homemade dining table. Let’s check them below and find your best reference only here!


DIY Kitchen Table Plans- Pine and Oak Dining Table for Eight

The first table plan for you is made by pine and oak woods. Then, as its name, this table is designed for eight people. So, you are going to make a longer table by this plan. Meanwhile, for the design, it will be really simple.

You only to solid those woods becoming a longer table for eight people. For its height, this table has 80 cm of height. Last for the color, it will be better for you to paint this table with light brown color. So, this is the first plan that you can apply to make a DIY dining table.

Farmhouse Dining Table for Six

The second simple design of the dining table is a farmhouse design. As you imagine, we are going to create a table with a cowboy style. What you need is only some oak woods. After that, you can solid them up being a long table for six people.

Then, you can add the board on the surface near the table’s legs. That board can be used to place other kitchen stuff. For the height, you can make it about 60 cm. Meanwhile, for the table’s color, you don’t need to apply any paints. So, it will be natural as its material look.

Well, this natural farmhouse dining table will be the antique one in your dining room. This table is really suitable for a house with a cowboy style. You can also add a dried flower vase to the center of it. Finally, those are all simple plans of DIY kitchen tables that will be so easier to apply. You don’t need higher budgets for getting it. Besides that, those tables are also really antique.