Storage beds are ideal for small apartments where the owner is compelled to make use of every available space to store all the things in an orderly manner. Earlier storage beds used to be of simple design. But the latest versions come with luxurious and attractive designs.

Here Are The Descriptions Of 7 Best Storage Beds Which Are So Attractive That You May Actually Feel Tempted To Have One In Your Bedroom:

1. Macy’s Sanibel Storage Bed

This bed provides a permanent solution to the nagging problem of storing things. You no longer need to be bothered about spaces to store your off-season clothes and other accessories in a proper manner. With six drawers along the sides, the makers have taken enough care to give the owner the required space to store the extras. With this modern piece of marvel, the bedroom gets a distinctive look at once.


2. DG Casa Savoy Upholstered Storage Bed

Someone having a spacious bedroom in the apartment should go for this King size double bed, as having such a marvel in the bedroom provides a lasting relaxation from those discomforting thoughts of storing one’s extra articles. There will be no more stashing of one’s extras in a pile under the bed as this thing offers ample spaces in its four roomy drawers. This is actually a refined
bedroom upgrade in which one can even keep holiday gifts without great care.


3. Cassiope Upholstered Storage Bed

With the correct support and amazing comfort, this unique piece gives definitely the best night’s sleep. Keeping in view the needs of the millions around the world this bed comes with heathered upholstery and cushy, tufted headboard designed to give one a lasting impression and an ever-lasting sense of attachment. This may be no 1 in terms of comfort. Combined with the state-of-the-art design and best materials, this bed is impressive pick just at first look. Ideal for spacious luxurious apartments, this bed is the sleeping solution of a lifetime.


4. Rille Box Storage Bed

This Mahogany –finished product can easily compete with the other contestants for the 1st place in the best of the best category This piece will definitely deliver better sleep to the lucky people to whom comfort is of utmost priority. A clean contemporary look with practical built-in storage makes it the preferred choice of the year. By pulling out the drawers utilizing the roomy spaces inside, one can solve the snoring problem for good.

5. Coaster Home Furnishings Queen-Size Bookcase Chest Bed

This giant marvel can easily be dubbed as a bed with a library. With a full-sized reading nook at the disposal of its proud owner, a bookworm will surely keep favorite nighttime reads at the cubbies. Added to it the eight pull-out roomy drawers, having plenty of spaces giving one the alternative to store every possible non-essential thing in a carefree manner.


6. Baxton Studio Armeena Grey Linen Modern Storage Bed

To add an air of luxury to one’s bedroom with an ultra-stylish bed, one should give a look to this unique piece of wonder. This bed with ample storage facility gives one the chance to pack many things in a planned and systematic manner. Featuring a tufted headboard along with a border of nailheads, the bed brings to the bedroom instantly an edge of elegance. Elevated off the floor with metal frame this could be the ultimate solution for storing things. Simply said this is the bed that you would not be able to live without.

7. Westport Queen Size Bed With Storage

The name doesn’t necessarily refer to historical design; rather the design is current and fashionable. This storage –bed comes with drawers to put everything in the right place. This teak-finished gorgeous modern piece features two drawers on each side which can easily stow all extras. This pick from Woodsworth is quite flawless and sturdy enough to withstand nightly use for years.