Teenage girls are like a princess who is the most beloved in her kingdom called family. Teenage for girls is the time when she stitches each and every dream and aspiration of hers. The plan of her small beautiful world, the choices she makes and the dream she lives get its wings to fly in her bedroom.

Now, pragmatically speaking teenage girls or any girl for that matter wants exactly what Cyndie Lauper summed up in the few lines of one of her songs. “That’s all they really want; some fun. When the girl’s working day is done; Girls want to have fun. So let the fun-loving girl regale and retire herself in her bedroom. Make it even sassy with these 8 interesting ideas to decorate your teenaged, spirited girl’s bedroom.

Here Are 8 Interesting Ideas To Decorate Teenage Girl Bedrooms

1. Patterned Wallpaper

Teenage girls are all about flowers and lots of creative thoughts. Let the wave of creativity spread a little more to their bedrooms with patterned wallpapers. The wallpapers are available in a myriad of colors and some of them can be that of shiny finish in subtle designs. However, the vote should always be for the bold block colors as they keep things simple. For greater and classy impact, black and white print works best.


2. Flower Power

The teenaged flower lady is never shy of this set-up and this bedroom decorating has been fallen back on several times whenever simple vibrancy is on the agenda. Floral print wallpapers are pretty much in vogue now and this décor can give a lot of insolence. Flower in linens, bedsheets, and flowers wherever you want, the idea is fresh and innocently beautiful; just like teenage girls.


3. Bohemian Bedroom

Teenage is also when you start appreciating art and bringing a piece of it or decorating the room with Bohemian décor. The decoration is particularly apt in the context of a teenage girl’s bedroom simply because of the diversity and much detail provided in every accessory. It has a classic lounge-like appearance too. Though not a very preferred one but since when did a free-spirited teenager start to care about it?

4. Pretty Woman Bedroom

Hollywood in every corner and sense, the all-time favorite color is well; you got it right; pink. The room of the teenage dreamer dreaming to make it big in life has to be most glamorized and uptown any day. The wall is her canvas of expression. Keep it that way.

5. Dressing Area In Bedroom

No offense but if she is a fashion victim, she might need this; a real dramatic dressing area in the bedroom. Make the most of the teenage girls’ bedroom with this idea which is more attractive than decorative. Since trying out clothes is an everyday affair for your teenage diva, a well-lit room is imperative followed by a large mirror installed in any corner of the room. And now to set the bar real high for her friends, you can go on for adding a tailor’s. Real over-the-top decorations but what’s a teenage girl without her extravagant surroundings?


6. Foldaway Bureau Desk

Perhaps the younger teenager will mistake it for another dressing table but this will surely be appreciated by the poetic teenage girl for sure. This is a great space saver and can give the exam-room sort of feel. Foldaway bureau desks are real spacious with ample space provided underneath the said desk. And she gets a lot of space for her to catch up with the new jig thanks to the space available when the desk is folded.

7. Coming Of Age Decoration

As she stands before the threshold of youth, give the fun space of the now grown-up teenage girl a very sophisticated bedroom that has a very elegant feel with minimal color play. Hence there will only be rugs and less of every possible sassy and girly decoration. Posters and stuffed toys will surely take a backseat. Instead what gets inducted are lots of shelving space, leather upholstered sofa chair, and subtle lighting that fall on elegant pastel wall hues.

8. Metal Letters

Exactly how could have this been forgotten? This one is a decorative idea that is neither minimalist nor extreme; it is just optimized and eclectic. Wall letters of different sizes can be added to the wall depending on the choice of size. In addition, you can make the room come out on its own with a centrally positioned spacious bed to house all the essentials. A word on the metal letter; choose the letters to form a word that defines your teenage girl!