chainsaw safety
Chainsaw Safety Features

A chainsaw is a very effective tool for cutting trees and branches. But you have to work with safety. Sometimes using a chainsaw can be dangerous for you if don’t know how to use a chainsaw safely. You might have a small chainsaw, medium chainsaw or big chainsaw no matter but you must have to use it properly.

You should apply safety feature rules in your work. Chainsaws users know how to operate chainsaw machines. It can be helpful or dangerous for you so knowing properly operate a chainsaw machine will give you good results.

When you’ve planned to work with a chainsaw there are some factors that you should keep in mind. Such as about the chainsaw parts and features, chainsaw safety gear, and how to operate a chainsaw. Let’s know about that.

Short introduction of chainsaw features

  • Guide bar
  • Chain
  • Chain tensioner
  • Throttle
  • Throttle interlock
  • Chain catcher
  • Chain brake
  • Hand guard
  • Muffler
  • Clutch
  • Flywheel
  • Decompression Valve
  • Carburetor
  • Air filter
  • Choke valve
  • Oil cap
  • Oil reservoir
  • Starting pull handle
  • Front handle
  • Fuel cap
  • Fuel tank
  • Trigger
  • Safely switch

Above these parts makes a chainsaw to operate with safely. After learning about the chainsaw parts you should know how they works so that you can work as an experienced person.

Safety things

What you should wear to protect yourselves at the time of using a chainsaw. Below some mentionable things should wear for keeping you safe. Before start using a chainsaw prepare yourself with safety things.

Helmet: Wear a helmet to protect you against any kind of injuries caused by falls trees or branches even chainsaw kickback. Also, this helmet will protect your ear and eyes from the saw.

Hear and eye protection: If you don’t have a Helmet then can use separately eye protection glass and earmuffs.

Protective Clothes: Wearing protective trousers, jacket and chaps clothes protect you from deep cuts to the leg and knees. You may choose comfortable, flexible, and fabric light clothes to protect yourself.

Gloves: When you are going to use a chainsaw, wear protective gloves, and keep put it until your work is finished. These gloves will protect you from the risks of chainsaw cuts. The glove has the ability to protect your hands from any risk of an accident.

Wear chainsaw chap and pant: Chainsaw chap and pants made of water-repellent materials that leave you dry and comfortable while you are working. Pant will protect you not only in front of the leg but also all-round protection.

Boots: Wearing the boots you will stay safe from any risk of injuries to your leg and other harmful hits.

Prepare your chainsaw by checking:

  • Chain tension
  • Power source
  • Bar and chain oil
  • Check the chain whether it is clean and sharp or not.
  • Check the front hand guard and front handle whether they fit or not.

You should do:

After preparing yourself with protective equipment follow the below activities what you should do.

Owner’smanual: Read the owner’s manual carefully before operating your chainsaw and keep in your mind at all time.

Place your chainsaw: To prepare your chainsaw place your chainsaw on the level ground and keep the cutting area clean and safe.

Work with Partner: If you work with your partner if possible, it will be helpful. Because your partner can help you or co-operate in your work.

Hold the hand guard: As you have worn the gloves in your hands then no need to again wearing the gloves. Now hold the handguard of the chainsaw in a sturdy position. Keep both hands on the saw. Hold the handguard with the right hand and hold the front handle with the left hand.

On switch: Turn the switch ON position to start the saw.

Plan where want to cut: Before cutting you should plan from where you should start cutting the tree. Keep your both hands on the saw.

Kickback: Beware of kickback of the chainsaw. It can be very dangerous injuries to you so to cut the tree learn how to use a chainsaw and proper cutting techniques.

Bend your knees: To start the cut of the tree bend your knees and press the trigger.

Now let’s know what you shouldn’t do:

At the time of using the saw don’t take your eyes off and never loose your clothes. Beware of kickback and don’t start cutting with the kickback. Use the middle chain bar of the bar guide starting the cut tree. Never use the kickback to cut directly against wood. As there are likely to occur any hazard that’s why don’t start to cut tree putting the chainsaw above your shoulder height. Even beware of using the chainsaw machine in the weather with strong winds and gusts or using the ladder.

Always use the chainsaw by standing in a comfortable and sturdy position and never use the saw with any risk or uneasy position. In the rain or in a wet area can be harm for using the tree cutter machine even you so don’t use the chainsaw in a damp area for safety. If your chainsaw needs fuel then let it cool at least 10 minutes. After 10 minutes refuel your chainsaw. Don’t refuel your chainsaw if it is hot during the last position in cutting but refuel it after cooling.


Most of the chainsaw user use a small chainsaw than a big chainsaw for using safely and work with comfort. At the end of the time, it is the most important factor for users that using the best chainsaw you should follow its safety and yours. If you follow what should you do or don’t using the machine for chainsaw safety would be better. Chainsaw users should maintain basic and advanced features rule because without handling carefully the tree cutter machine can be very dangerous. So, beware of occurs of any kind of working risk or kickback risk. You should aware of kickback risks when preparing for felling and crosscutting.

Safety saws or chainsaw safety tips can make your work easy and comfortable and following safety instructions, your work will complete successfully. Lastly, take preparation for cutting a tree with the safety equipment as a result you and your chainsaw will be safe. Stay good and happy with your chainsaw in a long time. Wish you good luck and work with chainsaw safety.