Carpet RemnantsWhen you hear “carpet remnants,” you think of “unwanted scraps.” Believe it or not, while carpet remnants are scraps, they are certainly not unwanted.

There are chains of carpet remnant stores dedicated solely to selling to very eager buyers. What do these buyers want them for? Carpet systems are a fortune, so using carpet remnants allows people to carpet their home without draining their entire budget.

Yet carpet systems are not the only use for remnants. A carpet remnant may be the perfect design choice to decorate your home. A good artist can take an otherwise undesirable medium and turn it into true beauty. Remnant carpets can be that medium.

For example, wall hangings. You’ve seen rugs hanging as tapestries, now you’ll see carpets doing the same. A great looking carpet piece may be enough in itself. Looking for something more creative? Find yourself some cheap carpet remnants, a carpet knife, a safe place for cutting, and some very strong glue.

Cut a background piece: rectangle or square. Then, from the different carpets remnants, cut different shapes and glue them on for an effect reminiscent of decoupage; only without the shellac glue layering on top. If you have fabric paints, you can create your own designs on the pieces, as well! For the very brave, you can begin with room size carpet remnants as the background piece. One wall of the room will be committed to your work of art.

A more common idea would be using area rugs or a hall runner. To jazz it up, you can take smaller pieces of carpet remnant and have them bound together for a quilt effect. Carpet remnants can also be cut for interesting picture framing, covering exposed surfaces of old bookshelves or mantelpieces. Even throw pillows for the sofa can be made from some very plush carpet pieces.

Obviously, free carpet remnants are the most appealing. Keep your ears out for friends and neighbors who are carpeting their homes; ask them for their remnants. Look for signs in the newspaper like “Carpet Remnant Sale” and “Discount Carpet Remnants.” Call a nearby carpet remnant outlet or warehouse. Compare prices. Ask about warranties. Aim for the best. Bound carpet remnants last longer. There are also places to buy carpet remnants online, though you’ll never see the merchandise before you buy it.

This may be the most exciting artistic choice you’ve made for your home yet. Experiment, and enjoy!