Zero Gravity ChairLooking for the ultimate in comfort? Consider getting a zero gravity chair. No, it won’t have you bouncing off the ceiling, but you will feel that it’s out of this world.

Zero gravity chairs incline to a position that puts as little stress as possible on the entire body so that you actually feel as if you are floating.

There are three basic models, the least expensive of which is the zero gravity folding chair. This is an outdoor chair with a metal frame and mesh or fabric material that is rather lightweight and recline by leaning back and kicking on a foot bar. Popular choices for the porch or beside a pool, they range in price from $100 to $200, making them an easy purchase for most people.

For indoor comfort, a leather zero gravity lounge chair is an elegant but more expensive option. A new one will cost anywhere from $900 to $2,000 or more, and the features will vary. As the price tag increases, so do the perks, and a more expensive chair will give you more leg room, a smoother recline, and a wider range of positions. A variety of colors are available, the most popular choices being black, red, and tan.

The creme of the crop is a zero gravity massage chair. Plush leather and relaxing positions are only the beginning. These chairs will provide you a full body massage complete with heat therapy. To ensure that the right parts are getting the right massage motions, some chairs will even scan your body before beginning so that everyone, no matter what their height or build, can get the perfect massage. If this sounds like the ultimate chair, take a look at the price tag before you head to the checkout counter. At $2,500 to $4,000 a chair, these are by far one of the most expensive seating purchases you’ll ever make.

There are quite a few popular brands, and most have excellent reviews.

Lafuma zero gravity chairs are very popular. They make several versions of the folding outdoor zero gravity chair, all with mesh fabric, and have top ratings.

The Faulkner zero gravity chair is similar to the Lafuma, and also has great reviews. These chairs come in either mesh or padded fabric and are slightly less expensive than Lafuma chairs.

The Human Touch zero gravity chair models are the most popular of the indoor recliners and massagers. Human Touch claims to have made the “perfect zero gravity chair”, and most people tend to agree. From basic leather recliners to sophisticated massage chairs with lots of extras, these chairs run the gamut, leaving a stream of satisfied customers behind.

While the Homedics zero gravity chair might be tempting, don’t waste your time or money. While $320 might be tempting for a leather zero gravity massage chair, you’re going to get what you paid for. Customers who bought this chair complain of extreme discomfort and padding that’s so thin that you can feel the metal reclining mechanisms poking through.

Whichever brand you choose, make sure to research the exact model further. A good zero gravity recliner will be a purchase you’re bound to be glad you made, time and time again.