white kitchen sinkLike black, you can have a fondness for a white color also. After all, it is an embodiment of purity, elegance, and flawlessness. Since it exudes a unique sense of brightness and chirpiness, it can be a safe choice for your busy place – the kitchen.

However, there can still be some hesitation to go all out for this option because white tends to be high maintenance. Even the smallest speck on the surface can attract unwanted attention.

Still, you can pop it intermittently across your kitchen interiors to avoid all the hassles. For example, buy a white kitchen sink. A sturdy looking white basin in the cooking zone can emerge as the real hero.

For an idea of the overall appearance, you can quickly look at a Kraus white kitchen sink. You will most likely find a fireclay apron model there. A lot of American homes prefer this material for its durability and glaze. Exposure to heat makes this surface heavy-duty and long-lasting, but some people show interest in its trendy looks more than anything else.

No matter why you invest in this one, you can rest assured that it will be your kitchen’s conversation piece. Anyway, before spending hard-earned money on anything, it is essential to get all the necessary information. So, let’s get down to it.

Browsing through the white sink option

A fireclay kitchen sink

Some may confuse it with porcelain because of the similar physical appeal. But fireclay is a more reliable and slightly expensive option than this. Enamelware can chip, discolor, or get scratches. Its durability can be doubtful as this material doesn’t face high temperatures in the manufacturing process.

It is just that you can expect it to provide more color choices. With fireclay, you get white as the primary choice, but this handcrafted surface of special white clay can be unparalleled. The makers mix clay with water and put it into molds to later dry the same in a controlled environment.

The handcrafted materials go through extreme heat conditions to come out as non-porous, dense, and sturdy items. They offer considerable damage- and heat-resistance. The final products tend to be extremely hygienic also, most suitable for kitchen-use.

You may not be aware that the fireclay is not a new material. Fireclay sinks were quite famous in London more than 200 years back. These farmhouse style appliances made a common sight in the industrial settings for their practical and resilient nature. In most busy kitchens, a fireclay farmhouse sink was the most expected appliance.

The installation choices for a fireclay kitchen sink

White fireclay basins come in a farmhouse or apron-front design, which protrudes from the countertop’s edges in the front. You don’t have to lean over the counter to get access to dishes at the bottom. Also, the farmhouse is well-known for its deep bowls.

You can store as many utensils as you desire, keeping the neighboring counter area free. When you explore a farmhouse fireclay sink, make sure to find out if it is an under mount option. It will be comparatively easier to install and use than a top mount one.

Things to consider when using a white fireclay kitchen sink

A white fireclay basin can be the highlight of your kitchen only when it has a decent, noticeable size. Of course, you cannot select anything to make it a prominent feature. You will have to think about the surrounding factors too. In this case, you need to compare it with your kitchen size, interiors, cabinet size, and others. Experts believe that your base cabinet has to be at least 36 inches if you plan to buy a 33-inch white sink. To be precise, the inside wall of the base cabinet has to be three inches extra than the sink size.

A kitchen designer or a contractor can give you clarity about what you can buy after taking into account the space available in your kitchen and the cabinet size. Their opinions matter because there can be a marginal difference in the measurements of the handcrafted models.

Another thing is its maintenance. Some homeowners say white fireclay finish can ruin soon and get chipped or scratches too. They warn about the material catching stains in the bottom where water collects. If you don’t want to face these issues, purchase a high-end product from a reputable and branded store. These can be safe places to shop for it. They can offer you a sturdy sink that doesn’t give in to crazing, staining, scratches, and cracking. The chances of discoloration and fading can also be very slim as they sell products made with advanced glazing technology and exposure to high temperatures.

As per aspects like water pooling and care go, you will not have to worry about them when you buy a quality white fireclay sink. A well-crafted white glazed sink will not allow any stain to sit on it. And even if there are some spills on the surface, you can use a soft soapy cloth to clean it. Regular wiping will not let any spots to stay there. Besides, the problem of water collection will not occur if the bottom of the sink has an adequate slope. It will drain out quickly.

Buying a white kitchen sink reflects a smart interior choice. Since embracing an all-white background can be risky, you can use a white basin and accessories for basking in its goodness. With a white sink in the layout, you can try many things in the kitchen to give it a new and fresh look. Whether you want to invoke a peaceful ambiance through muted or pastel tones or a vibrant atmosphere through lively colors, a white fireclay sink can make way for anything. You can imagine an industrial, modern, traditional, or classical setting with it effortlessly.

Make sure you equip your white farmhouse-style fireclay basin with a proper faucet. Its height and swivel capacity can play an integral role in enhancing the performance of your functional appliance. Usually, you get all these things from one place. So, it may not feel like a hassle.

ROHL Kitchen Faucets

Faucets. Sometimes we forget that they even exist. They’re those things that the water comes out of right? Purely functional. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Faucets can be the highlight of your bathroom or kitchen and can turn a beautiful sink into an exquisite masterpiece. At least, that’s the case with ROHL faucets.

A ROHL faucet is the pinnacle of beauty and function combined. In either the bathroom or kitchen, their most popular styles bring you back to noble estates and manors, but there are more modern models available as well. Special features include the Integrated Faucet Filtration™ and the Pull-Out faucet. But with all the beauty and extras, quality is never compromised, and customer’s ROHL faucet reviews speak of top-notch products from a top-notch company.

ROHL Kitchen Faucets

Perrin & Rowe is the most stately ROHL kitchen faucet series. Based on Edwardian styles, these masterpieces will truly be the highlight of any elegant kitchen. For a more homey style, the Country Kitchen collection brings the look of English cottages into your home. The Modern Kitchen and Pull-Out Faucet series offers a more contemporary streamlined look, with clean lines that offer elegance without the frills.

ROHL Bathroom Faucets

If you thought there were lots of kitchen options, you won’t believe the variety when it comes to choosing a ROHL bathroom faucet. Perrin & Rowe, Country Bath, the Michael Berman Bath Collection, and the Vincent Collection are only a few of the options available. And don’t think that the beauty is limited to the bathroom sink– ROHL bath faucets and shower faucets are also available, in just about any style that you want.

ROHL Faucet Prices

It goes without saying that the beauty and quality of this standard aren’t cheap. ROHL is top of the line when it comes to faucets, and their prices reflect that. Depending on which faucet you choose, you can expect to spend from $150 for a simple kitchen faucet to $2,500 for a full ROHL bath faucet set. The average price seems to be around $500, but discounted prices are available from warehouse stores and online auction sites.

The bottom line is that the beauty and quality that you will find with ROHL are of the highest standards. If you want your home to be as beautiful and memorable as possible– and can pay for it, then ROHL faucets are right for you.