Wardrobe Armoires, Best Wardrobe ArmoiresIf you’re lucky, you have plenty of closet space in your home or apartment and never have to worry about where to store the next set of shoes or the next dress that you buy. But many people aren’t so lucky.

If they have closets, those closets are not big enough to store everything in their wardrobe. Or they simply don’t have built-in closets at all. If you need more storage space for your clothes, then it’s time to learn more about wardrobe armoires.

What Are Wardrobe Armoires?

There are many types of armoires, but a wardrobe armoire is specifically used to store your clothes. They can vary in size, but they are almost always big enough to include space for hanging your clothes and have additional drawers for other wardrobe items.

The defining characteristic of an armoire is the double doors. These types of armoires are, essentially, freestanding closets.

So What Is a Wardrobe?

If you’re not talking about all of the clothing and accessories that you own, then a wardrobe is the same thing as a wardrobe armoire. These armoires obviously get their name from being able to store all of your clothing and accessories.

Isn’t a Built-In Closet Better?

The answer to that question depends on your needs. Anyone who lives in a studio apartment in New York knows that bedrooms, and sometimes entire apartments, don’t always come with built-in closets.

Armoires can provide much-needed storage space and allow you to put your clothing away behind closed doors. But even with closets, you may find yourself needing or wanting a wardrobe armoire.

If you have closets, but you have an even bigger wardrobe, armoires can be an elegant way to add storage space to your room and protect your clothing. But an armoire doesn’t have to be only functional. Armoires can be beautifully crafted and serve as a key element to the overall design of a room.

In addition, armoires come with shelving and drawers that are not usually found in a closet unless you get them specially installed. This gives you the opportunity to efficiently organize all of your belongings.

Where Does a Wardrobe Armoire Go?

A wardrobe armoire goes where a closet would normally go: in your bedroom. As a result, wardrobe armoires are sometimes referred to as bedroom armoires. But a typical armoire made to hold clothing can really go anywhere you might need it.

For example, some people place an armoire in their foyer to be used as a coat closet. As long as it is the right size and style, a wardrobe armoire can really go in any room in your house.

Other Types of Armoires for the Bedroom

While a wardrobe armoire is very specific to clothing storage, other armoires are used for many different purposes. If you don’t need a wardrobe armoire in your bedroom, you may need another kind of armoire.

The TV Armoire

People have gone from having a television in the bedroom to having an entire entertainment system that includes a DVD player, DVDs, and a stereo system. To have an attractive place to store that system, people are putting TV armoires in their bedrooms.

A TV armoire has compartments especially made to hold your TV and the rest of your entertainment system. More importantly, a TV armoire has those double doors to hide the equipment when you don’t want to look at it.

The Computer Armoire

Is your desk in your bedroom? A computer armoire is a perfect way to separate your workspace from your living space and hide your desk when you’re not using it. A computer armoire is made to look like a wardrobe armoire but has the appropriate shelving space for your computer and other office supplies.

Take a look around your bedroom. Is half your wardrobe strewn about or your computer taking up a corner? It may be time to buy yourself a nice new armoire