vinyl lettering

vinyl lettering for the office

Using vinyl letters in your home or workplace office can create an inspiring and welcoming environment. Your office is a place where you likely spend a good deal of time and as such should provide a comfortable yet professional setting that is conducive to work. Use vinyl lettering and decals to display a motivating quote, a company logo, a pleasing graphic design, or various practical information.

Everybody has different design aesthetics and will work best under certain optimal circumstances. You can individualize your office space by using wall lettering or wall decals to provide you with the perfect ambiance to have a productive day at the office. Put vinyl lettering on shop windows, walls, floors, and furniture!

Easier Than Painting

Vinyl wall lettering is an easy and efficient alternative to painting to create specialized office decors. Painting requires you to prepare the painting area and worry about having a steady painting hand – not to mention the interruption painting can cause in everyone’s schedule along with accompanying paint fumes. Vinyl decals simply save time, energy, and make for office decors that are much more original than a paint job.

If you are in an administrative position, you may also consider how vinyl wall lettering will improve the working environment for your employees. Use wall quotes or lettering in strategic places around the office space to help inspire your employees, or to remind them of just how much their hard work is appreciated.

If you work for a corporation, have decals custom designed to display the company logo in various places to add some variety of color to the office walls.

Making Custom Vinyl Lettering Designs

The possibilities of vinyl lettering or graphic wall decals are limited only to your imagination since many companies will custom-design vinyl lettering or larger decals according to your specific needs and requirements.

In general, custom vinyl lettering is slightly more expensive than generic designs or quotes (given that they are produced in smaller volumes) but may better suit the needs of specific individuals. Still, be sure to investigate the numerous pre-designed options that are already available online to ensure that you are not spending more than you need to for your design.

Bear in mind that vinyl letters are only for smooth wall surfaces, and will not work properly when used on textured stucco or brick. Let your imagination go, and discover the endless design possibilities available to you with vinyl wall lettering.

Don’t Have An Office? Vinyl letters can be used anywhere in your home. Consider adding the names of your children on their bedroom doors or above their bed; imagine how nice a welcoming quote would be in your entrance or have a funny quote displayed in the living room where you spend time with friends and family.

Why Use Wall Quotes To Decorate Your Home?

Wall decoration is an important part of the décor of any room and wall quotes are an ideal solution to create an inexpensive and stylish environment. Wall quotes usually consist of meaningful sayings that are printed on vinyl decals which are then applied to walls through a non-sticky and non-permanent adhesive. The result is something that looks like a hand-painted job but it is not and it is less messy and less complicated than painted murals or stenciled imagery.

Because you can fairly easily remove vinyl decals from walls (even after extended periods) they will be ideal to decorate a room for a special occasion (think birthday and wedding parties, graduations, anniversaries, etc.). They will also be perfect for short to mid-term apartment situations.

Pleasant to look at

Furthermore, quotes on walls will please anyone who likes to change the appearance of their living environment from time to time. You can change the quotes so they reflect your life experiences and values as the years go by or you can simply change them to keep your home environment fresh and interesting. Since wall decals are inexpensive, it is realistic to be constantly modifying and upgrading your home décor through them.

Don’t think that just because you can buy pre-made vinyl decals you cannot make up your own. Many shops on the Internet allow you to fabricate your own custom designs through a specialized interface on their web site. From there, you can type in the quote you want, select the fonts, sizes, and colors of the letters.

While these unique decals will cost more than pre-made ones they still usually remain within an affordable range for most people. It is one of the most fun aspects of vinyl decals to find or make up your own humorous or inspirational wall quotes to make your home more personalized and tailor-made to suit your personality and tastes.

How To Apply A Vinyl Wall Decal

A typical wall decal consists of 3 layers. On one side there is a protective or backing sheet. On the other, there’s the transfer or application sheet. In between these two sits the actual vinyl decal.

To apply vinyl wall decal stickers you may need to cut out the individual pieces of your set if they come together on one sheet and are meant to be applied separately. It should not be necessary that you cut out a perfect contour: only the vinyl layer will adhere to the wall when you peel away the transfer sheet.

If you are dealing with wall quotes, the words and letters should come pre-spaced on a large sheet. You do not need to cut anything in these cases. When you apply the wall quote and remove the transfer layer, the words and letters will already be perfectly placed. You only need to decide where to put the whole decal on your surface.

Before you start…

Before applying your vinyl wall art make sure your wall is clean. If you are unsure how well the decal will stick to your particular surface, ask for a sample from the shop where you want to buy it from and try it before you apply your real decals – it is a common gesture for good shops to give out small samples.

Applying Your Wall Vinyl Decals

When you are ready to start, peel off the protective layer. This will leave you with the transparent transfer layer along with the smaller vinyl decal which sticks to it. Apply this gradually to your wall on the side of the vinyl quote or graphic (the vinyl words or images will be touching the wall).

As you apply the decal on the wall, press on it so it sticks well to the surface. Try to have it lay completely flat on the wall from the start and avoid air bubbles and folds if you can. When the whole sheet sticks to the wall, apply more pressure and work out any air bubble or fold that may have occurred. You can use a plastic card (credit or debit card) or a dry sponge to do so.

When the vinyl wall decal sits nicely on the wall, you are ready to peel away the transparent transfer sheet. Proceed slowly and carefully – you do not want to tear or damage the decal during this process.

It is as simple as this! No need for specialized equipment such as a laser level. Now sit back and enjoy your new wall decor, you are done!

9 Tips For Applying Vinyl Wall Decals

2. Oil-free paint is best when it comes to vinyl decals. We’re not saying they cannot hold their on this type of paint but they usually stick much more easily to water-based paint.

3. Keep in mind that the more time a wall decal spends on a surface, the more chance there is for it to lift some paint when you remove it. While in most cases the decals will come off without any damage to the wall this is not an absolute guarantee. Plan wisely and select vinyl decals you expect to keep as an integral part of your wall decor for a long time.

4. Always wash your walls before applying a vinyl decal sticker. Having dust between the wall and the decal’s adhesive layer will prevent it from sticking properly. For best results, clean the surface with rubbing alcohol. Wait until it is perfectly dry before putting up your decal.

5. Apply your wall quote decal when it and the surface are at room temperature. If the wall is too cold, this may compromise the decal’s ability to adhere to it initially. Similarly, if the wall is too hot, the adhesive may not hold well.

6. For the reasons just mentioned, it is best to avoid putting a decal where there is direct sunlight or close to a heat source. These will warm up the adhesive layer and diminish its sticking capacity.

7. Another factor that may diminish a decal’s capacity to stick well on a wall is moisture. Placing it above the stove where water will be frequently boiling or in the bathroom where there is a high level of humidity can significantly diminish the decal’s lifespan. In these circumstances get waterproof vinyl decals that can hold their own even in the bathtub!

8. Take the time to layout your entire design before applying your vinyl wall decals. Use tape to hold them in place. This way you are making sure everything is where you want it before you start applying them. It’ll be easy to move shapes around and get exactly the effect you want.

9. Unless you are dealing with white or pale decals, light walls will naturally serve as better backgrounds to display them. Except when dealing with wall quotes or images that will fit well in a floating configuration, consider anchoring your decals to your furniture or other items in the room.