Vintage Table Lamps, Best Vintage Table Lamps

Best Vintage Table Lamps

Vintage table lamps can be found in a lot of shops nowadays. Vintage lamps come in different types like two-prong lamps, cast iron, candelabra lamps, and depression-colored glass.

Several vintage table lamps feature specially hand-carved bases, or in the case of depression-colored glass lamps, green and blue multi-paneled lampshades, colors no longers seen these days.

It is not just the base that is considered vintage but also the lampshade attached to it.

The size of vintage table lamps also varies, just like any other lamps, but still small enough for end tables, bedside tables, and side tables. But unlike today’s lamps, vintage lamps are much heavier and sturdier because they are made from materials like cast iron, glass, pottery, or brass.

However, if you are looking for vintage lamps, you will want to put into consideration the price tags set on these lamps. Owning one can cost quite a bit more than modern lamps. For example, a modern lamp can cost from $60 to $500 at most, while a single pewter lamp base with a filigree lampshade is around $995.

Tips to Buy Vintage Table Lamps

If you plan to purchase an original vintage lamp, be aware that there are manufacturers to produce replicas of vintage lamps and price it as originals. It is important to check (like its manufacturing date) to be sure that what you are about to purchase is 100% original vintage table lamp.

So what really defines a vintage table lamp to be authentically vintage? Vintage lamps would be anything that is twenty to eighty years old. Anything more than that would be considered antique. So you can see the prices on these things increase over time.

Several people believe that objects, specifically lamps, made in those times were crafted to a much higher standard compared to today’s quality.

They were built and designed to last years, a lifetime. If you are intending to use a vintage table lamp, you may want to consider rewiring your lamp before use to make sure it is functional and is with no defects.

Feel of An Old and Vintage Look

These vintage table lamps are essentially made special to give additional beauty to every vintage collector’s home. It is a vital thing of magnificence that you can prop up near your bedside table or desk. It is also widely used not just to accent a vintage house, but it is also utilized and designed in shops or museums.

Shops that offer vintage items of clothing, cameras and other furniture often come in designs that would create a visual feast for everything vintage. These vintage table lamps may come in as expensive or costly, but it is worth your money if you are really an avid collector of such items, or if you’re merely an admirer or fan of things looking old and vintage.

Looking for such items is no difficulty for they could be found in many online and vintage stores. Vintage table lamps are for those who want to etch the wonderful era and make it present even at this modern age.