Vintage Dining Rooms,Vintage Dining tableEveryone would love to see the classical collection of cars or cameras or any other thing from the past that would fascinate their minds. Having vintage themes in the homes isn’t anything new as it is loved by many.

The bricks and the kiln, the natural color of the wood used in furniture and the fireplace; once you have these in your home, it would look cool and inviting for others.

Let us see some of the ways by which you can design your place in such a manner that it would look like a place from the past living in present.

The Ideas Are Mentioned Below As The Following:

1. Royal Furniture

Furniture with drapes has to be considered greatly while wanting to make it look orthodox. The seats and cushions should have drapes that were in fashion long back. Simple flowers on the design would make it look beautiful. Never try to get anything too fancy as it would destroy the whole purpose of making it look vintage.


2. Colored Chairs

Olden times had chairs that weren’t matching to the table color due to the insufficiency of furniture at home. But somehow they had enough for the whole family to sit and eat and thus the chairs were all differently colored. Have the same theme in your dining room area for the guests to observe the excellence you achieved while noticing every tiny bit from the past.


3. Benches Or Stools

As mentioned above, due to the insufficiency of chairs for the whole family to eat, especially during the guest’s visit, the chairs were all colored differently. At times chairs were substituted by stools and benches. Having them will provide you with something different and unique; forget about their color or matching of any sort.


4. Chandeliers

Yes, they were originated during that period only and still hold the importance as seen at so many places such as restaurants and party places. The lights that flow from them will add to the elegance of the whole scenario. The plenty of options available in the market with respect to the chandeliers can come handy in making your place look like one from history.


5. Wooden Table

The olden or even new times have all one thing in common, the use of wooden tables used for dining purposes. The best way to have the vintage theme is by having a wooden table, as modest as possible at your dining area. As mentioned above, the chairs or the stools can be of all sorts, but the table made of wood and kept simple would be a great idea (and mandatory as well).


6. Cutlery

No there not a lot of homes that could afford to have a full set of cutlery or at times even plates for that matter, but they didn’t care. The only thing that a person was willing to do was to put food to the plate for his family whatever may be the manner in which they consumed it. Have a wooden bowl or one handcrafted one on each seat to give the history a rich & new look in the present times.


7. Hanging Lamps

Yes, they were the main source of lighting while everyone ate their meal, chandeliers being present only in a few homes. Having hanging lamps is a good way to go back into the past as not many dining areas have a lot of these today. They look cute and surely will grab the attention of the invitees as soon as they sit for a meal.


8. Candles

Like aid before that lighting was an issue in the past, having candles as an alternative on the dining table. Place 4-8 candles all around the table so that it covers the maximum area. Having a candlelight dinner isn’t bad in such circumstances as it fills up o objectives.


9. Flowers

The centerpiece ideas as to what should be kept on the table evolved way before and the best and commonly used one was that of a bouquet of flowers or just pots with small flowers in between. This is still a regular practice and having such types of centerpieces will solve your problem when the issue of having something decorative arises.


10. Wooden Cupboards

Not very unique in the modern world but the cupboard near the dining area holding all sorts of cutlery items does remind one and all about what it was to feel like having a meal if born a lot earlier. The cupboard should be raw and wooden and can be painted with any color.