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The 10 Best Upholstered Dining Chairs (2021 Reviews)


Upholstered Dining Chairs

The dining room is surely one of the most important rooms in your house. After all, it is a room that brings everyone together. Whether you are having guests at a dinner party or simply having a quiet meal with your family, the dining room is surely the highlight of your abode. If you are looking ahead to redoing your dining area in order to make it more appealing and warm then start off by replacing your old chairs with newly upholstered dining room chairs. Today you can avail of some of the trendiest designs of these chairs as they are very much in demand and can sparkle up the look of your dining room like never before.

So, what do you need to consider while hunting for upholstered dining room chairs? Here are a few points of consideration that will help you to shop smartly and get the best-upholstered chairs for your dining room. So get set and go!

With the broad assortment of styles available, you need to make your mind what style of chairs you want for your dining room. You can avail of the vintage design of the upholstered dining room chairs if you like being traditional. These chairs call in for a royal look and will definitely add a royal appeal to your dining room. On the other hand, if you want to go in for a contemporary look then you can opt for the sleek style and modern designs that are available in large numbers as well. Whatever style of chairs you select ensure that your dining room chairs go in sync with the rest of the dining room décor in order to enhance the overall appearance of the room.

Comfort is actually one of the most important aspects that you should considered while shopping for upholstered dining room chairs. These chairs are extremely comfortable pieces so go for the ones that offer the maximum level of comfort so that one does not feel clumsy or any sort of awkwardness while sitting on those chairs. Go for the durable chairs that are timeless and easy to maintain as well. It is possible that sometimes, you might end up spilling food on the chairs so be careful and select the chairs that can be cleaned easily. In this regard, the leather dining room chairs are the best choice as apart from being highly comfortable they are easy to maintain too and can be cleaned easily. Moreover, the leather chairs offer a powerful sense of style to the dining room.

Last but not the least, another important point of consideration is the price of the chairs that you are willing to buy. It is very important to go according to the size of your pocket. If you have any kind of budget constraints then buy the upholstered dining room chairs that do not cost a hefty sum of money. On the other hand, if you do not any budget issues then you can overindulge in some of the top class brands that sell upholstered dining room chairs that are stylish, durable, gorgeous and expensive.

Longing to purchase dining furniture that can be used for a long time? Upholstered dining chairs may be your best bet.

Not only it will add a certain zing to your dining area, but you will also have nice-looking dining furniture to display. There are tons of choices when it comes to dining chairs and upholstered ones are the most sought after.

What Are The Best Fabrics For Your Furniture?

Furniture fabrics are a different breed.

They need to be chosen carefully as otherwise you may spoil the look of your furniture. A quality fabric can prolong the life of a chair, a couch or a sofa.

It all depends on selecting the right fabric and using it in the right manner.

Furniture upholstering has been around for centuries.

Earlier, people used to adorn their sofas with leather, silk or cotton. They now have a greater variety of fabrics to choose from.

There are many variants of cotton alone that can be used for furniture upholstery. You can also use silk in pure or mixed constructions.

Polyester and synthetic fibres are also gaining currency with domestic and commercial users.


It is perhaps the best fabric that you can buy for your furniture. Cotton is a simple yet highly durable fabric that comes in many colours, designs and patterns.

You can choose pure cotton with a higher thread count to upholster your furniture.

A mixed variety, where cotton is combined with other fabrics, is also a good material for upholstery. The best aspect of cotton is that it can be washed easily.


Silk is a plush fabric that adds style to your furniture. Silk is a very soft fabric that comes in pure and mixed varieties.

Try buying a variant of silk that has been mixed with a relatively tough material such as polyester or synthetic fibres. This will create more design variations.


You can also use polyester for furniture upholstery. It is a soft fabric that lasts longer and can be washed with relative ease.

Synthetic Fibres

Another material for furniture upholstery is synthetic fiber.

It comes in many types with some specially designed for upholstery purposes.

They create a slick look and are durable enough to last many years with proper care.

A careful selection of fabrics for upholstery can go a long way in ensuring the best décor for your furniture.

Different Types and Designs

There are upholstered dining chairs that come with or without arms, wood and metal finishes, crafty designs, different size and weight measurements, and durability and portability functions.

Such importance is given to dining chairs in creating a comfortable space to dine in with your family, friends, and guests. Upholstered chairs for the dining area are available in all sizes, styles, shapes, and framings. In fact, these types of chairs summon guests to sit as if they are in a spell and make them linger a moment even if all the food on the table is consumed.

The traditional dining chair is designed with an upholstered seat and is typically made of wood. For instance, the Louis XV style chair provides perfect comfort and classiness for eating meals which ignite profound conversations at the dining table. But there are other varieties to choose from such as metal- and steel-made framings. Upholstered metal chairs are ideal for a spontaneous party in the backyard.

Upholstered dining chairs add a complementary touch to the table and other dining area fixtures. The proportions of the dining area should match the size of the dining chairs. Having big chairs can ruin the look of the room, therefore instilling an uneasy atmosphere while dining.

Choose upholstered arm chairs that are sufficient in size to provide proper seating support. It should be congruent to the height of the matching table, not too small or too high. The general rule of thumb is there should be a minimum of 12 inches between the top of the table and seat.

You should also determine whether you like having arms in the chairs or you can do without them. Upholstered chairs come in various styles to create different appearances in your dining room. Whether you like it formal or more upbeat, it all boils down how your dining area will look by setting the dining chairs in proper settings. There is also the number of chairs that you will need depending on the size of the table.

Combining several looks can be an option if you do not like standard uniform appearances. Dining room chairs that are upholstered creates a non-conforming vibe which you can mix and match depending on the design of your dining room and other fixtures in the place such as tables. Also, check the surfaces of the dining chairs that you want to have. Upholstered finishes could be high maintenance but last long if you take proper care. Consider slipcovers that could be fitted with your dining chairs to spare them the stains and spills, wear and tear, dirt and dust. Upholstered chairs also come with seat cushions which can be often replaced and laundered.

Buying Upholstered Dining Chairs

If you’re seeking to decorate your home living area, you may wish to consider antique or upholstered dining chairs. Not only are these chairs trendy these days, in particular in contemporary homes, they also ooze charm and style. Homeowners and people involved in internal decorating are genuinely able to appreciate excellent furniture such as upholstered dining furniture.

Before you head out and purchase expensive antique furnishings, it is important that you simply have a very good concept inside your mind of specifically what you’re looking for and the price you’re willing to shell out. Upholstered household furniture for example chairs and tables are provided in an assortment of styles, colorings, shapes, sizes and certainly in a variety of prices. Make sure you do your study to assure you understand the type of furnishings you would like for your residence or living space. Additional to this, determine precisely what your spending budget is. In quite a few cases you could be able to locate bargains if you are not afraid of doing a little amount of DIY upholstering by yourself.

Some facets of upholstering home furniture can be pretty difficult, but other procedures, for instance, re-staining the item or fixing some faults, for instance, loose nails and screws are quite quick to accomplish.

A very good place to begin seeking bargains is at your second-hand sellers, garage sales, and at online auction internet sites for example If you are going to purchase something (especially furniture) from a web-based retailer, for instance, eBay, its a quite good strategy to buy locally. This lets you go and look at the item first hand to guarantee you are receiving what you would like.


How many dining chairs do I need?

This depends on the size of your table and the number of people you wish to seat. The chairs need to fit comfortably around the table so you have enough room to sit all of your family members or guests.

Decide how much space you need between chairs so diners do not feel cramped or crowded. If your table has leaves that can be added or removed, do you need extra chairs to put at your table when it is at full capacity?

Should I get chairs with arms or without arms?

Arms are a personal decision that has more to do with your personal comfort than anything. In traditional settings, the chairs at the head and the foot of the table have arms, but this is not a hard and fast rule.

Arms sit above the seat, so they may interfere if your table has leaves that hang down. Some chairs with arms are also wider, so you may not be able to fit as many around your table.

What size of the dining chair should I get?

Dining chairs need to be sized depending on the size of your dining table. There needs to be enough clearance between the table top and the chair to give your guests leg room. Most dining chairs will be between 15 and 17 inches from floor to seat. A depth of 16 or 17 inches will be the most comfortable and seats should be between 15 and 18 inches wide. Make sure you get chairs that are an appropriate width so you can fit as many chairs as you need comfortably around the table.

Should dining chairs be upholstered?

Upholstered dining chairs may be more comfortable for you and your guests, but they can be a challenge to keep clean. If you have young children or messy eaters, you may want to go with unupholstered chairs or get a material that is easily cleanable and resistant to stains.

What fabrics are best for dining chairs?

Cotton and polyester will be the easiest to clean and offer the greatest durability. Leather is perhaps the most durable option for upholstered chairs and its look softens and improves over time, but it can be more expensive.