tower fan

Who doesn’t want to have a good quality fan for their home? If someone wants to get a compact and efficient fan, then the tower fan is a great option. It comes with a slim look and a bladeless feature.

Not only have these fans saved space, but come with various benefits. Before investing in a device, it is better that you know about it in detail.

This fan can also push hot air outside the room and ultimately keeping the room cool. Here are more details about the tower fan:

What is a tower fan?

The tower fans are available in sleek and slim designs that are light-weight and easy to handle. The major difference between normal fans and tower fans is that it takes lesser space and can be fitted in a small corner of your corner. The blades of these fans are covered with special kinds of cover due to which it is safer for homes where kids and pets live. If you are looking for a fan that can look nice with the home décor, then tower fans should be your choice. These fans are also good for offices and restaurants.

The functioning of tower fans

The normal tower fan can force air forward in a particular one direction. The airflow thrown by this fan is always focused on a ninety-degree angle and narrow. This fan is built in order to pull the hot air and push the cool air to a wider angle. The blades of this can make the air move through vents and columns of the fan.

The tower fan is designed in such a way that its vents can permit and block air in such a manner that it can easily cool down your room. It has an air impeller inside the air blower which can move air in between its vertical shaft. In this fan, there are inlets on the side of the entry of air. It is crucial that the vents of this fan are kept clean so that there isn’t any debris and dust inside it. You should wipe it down properly so that it can work in an appropriate manner.

The bladeless angles of this fan can cool down room easily and you won’t even see its blades moving. The best thing about this fan is that it won’t make a noise like other fans. If you want to get a sound sleep without any disturbance, then having this fan is a nice option. It has a brushless electric motor of which blades rotate and can push air upwards on the top part of the fan. This air is then pushed forward with a wider angle direction and thus creating a cooling effect in a large space, even if it has a slim and compact size.