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Buyer’s Guide

In the recent past, towel warmers were a luxury afforded by grand hotels, spas, country clubs, and beauty and nail salons. This popular luxury item, however, is making its way into homes across the United State and the rest of the industrialized world. Towel warmers are great additions to your bathroom and can add a little flair and resemble the most upscale luxury hotel.

What are they used for?

Towel warmers are used to give you a nice dry warm towel to wrap your body with once you have left a shower or bath. This great addition is a wonderful idea for those cold winter days. In addition to the towel warmers’ ability to give your bathroom an upscale look, towel warmers serve other purposes as well.

There are several good reasons for having a towel warmer in your home. One, they radiate heat so they can act as heaters in bathrooms. Secondly, towel warmers can provide warm baby blankets and t-shirts for those cold winter days.

Additionally, these wonderful additions to your bathroom can keep wet towels from becoming smelly with bacteria and mildew; and lastly, you can place delicate clothes on them to dry safely.

If you are now ready to purchase your warmer, there are a few things you should know. There are two different types of towel warmers: hydronic towel warmers, and electric towel warmers.

Within those two major types, there are also wall mounted towel warmers, free-standing towel warmers, floor-mounted towel warmers, towel warmers with shelves, and handmade towel warmers.

hydronic towel warmers

The hydronic towel warmers are very efficient but are harder to install. They operate under the home’s hot water heating system. The rails of the hydronic warmer can be installed with a special pump system.

The hydronic towel warmer is usually preferred in hotels or homes where there is a re-circulating system in the house, a hot water boiler, or a steam boiler.

If you plan on using large towels or hanging a robe on the warmer, you will need the spaced crossbar hydronic warmer. These towel warmers are ideal for warming large towels, robes, and small blankets.


Some of the advantages of the hydronic towel warmers are that they are efficient and warm up quickly. Because they don’t need to be plugged in, they can be placed in areas where they may get wet as they won’t be negatively affected. Additionally, hydronic towel warmers are easy to operate once installed.

Electric towel warmer

Many prefer the electric towel warmers because they can easily be plugged into an electrical outlet. The electric towel warmers use less energy than a light bulb, thus making it energy efficient.

The freestanding electric towel warmers can be moved to different rooms if needed, it takes only a few minutes to heat and is designed to stay warm on a continuous basis.


One of the advantages of the electric warmer is it is energy efficiency. The electric towel warmer is operational free from a central heating system, has a temperature control knob that can adjust the amount of heat that is emitted and comes in a variety of styles and colors to match virtually any décor.

Once you have decided to purchase your towel warmer, and you have decided whether it will be hydronic or electric, you can then decide on the color or material you may want. Towel warmers come in brass, silver, chrome, white, and bronze.

Shapes and sizes

They also come in different shapes; from a basket shape, spiral shape, to a ladder-like shape. Additionally, some have compartments for storage. When shopping, be sure to inquire about the probability of rusting; and if the warmer has the tendency to rust, ask if there are certain creams or polishes you can use to prevent it.

The size of your bathroom should also be taken into account to choose an appropriate sized warmer. In addition, you should make the choice as to whether your bathroom requires a wall-mounted warmer, or earth mounted warmer; and once again the amount in your bathroom will help in determining your choice.

The cost

The cost will more than likely play a part in your decision to purchase a towel warmer. Of course, they are not a necessity, but they sure are nice. Be sure to shop around. Towel warmers can run anywhere from under $100.00 to over $1000.00. Be sure to check into a warranty, as with any item it can save you a lot of money in the end. Stay warm and shop wisely.