Tendonitis FootAre you experiencing pain on top of foot? This may be a a result of Tendonitis foot which can be a very painful experience.

Lets first understand what tendonitis is…

What are Tendons?

This is the set of the following muscles: tibialis anterior, extensor over thumb, extensor hallucis brevis and extensor digitorum.

These tendons can become inflamed, causing pain and swelling. Inflammation tibialis anterior is the most common, and difficult to completely heal.

Tough fibrous connective tissues are called tendons. They help attach muscles to bones.
Acute irritation caused due to inflammation of tendons is called tendonitis. Tendons cover the entire body.

and this is how they work?

Normally, they work as a smooth gliding motion, as soon as it is disturbed, tendonitis starts. The inflammation is found mainly in athletes involved in jumping and landing motions.

This type of dysfunction causes restless pain and irritation in infected human beings.

Long hours of restless work and tiresome efforts primarily result in inflammation of tendons. It can result from various traumatic incidents.

In most cases you won’t even feel the damage done as your body is great at repairing itself. Though in some occasions you may have over done it and that is when the symptoms arise.

Need a visual explanation? Check out our tendonitis video that we found on You tube that goes into great detail.

Types of Foot and Ankle Tendonitis

#1.Achilles Tendonitis


#2. Posterior Tibial Tendonitis


#3. Peroneal Tendonitis


#4. Extensor Tendonitis


#5. Anterior Tibial Tendonitis

Symptoms of Foot Tendonitis

  • Facial pain or instep of the foot (dorsal aspect).
  • Diffuse swelling in the face of the foot.
  • Pain throughout the instep that worsens with running.
  • Pain with passive stretch tendons.
  • Anterior tibial tendinitis affects the progress

What is the cause of inflammation of these tendons?

  • Overuse
  • Poorly fitting shoes that are too tight or causing
  • Pressure on the instep.

In addition, anterior tibial tendinitis is associated with sports like tennis, which is required to stop and return to resume the effort. Running on ice or slippery surfaces can also cause this type of tendinitis.

What can an athlete do to reduce inflammation of the tendons extenders?

  • Rest until the pain goes away.
  • Apply ice or cold therapy.
  • Try various types of footwear and especially not to use those shoes do not fit correctly.
  • Make sure you are not tied too strong shoes.
  • Place a pillow or a template to avoid excess pressure.

Following a rehabilitation program that includes muscle strengthening and stretching the extensors.

What can they do about the physiotherapist and the doctor?

  • Prescribe anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen
  • Consider a stress fracture of a metatarsal bone (usually the Pain indicates tendinitis stretch, but the pain that appears to stretch indicates stress fracture).
  • If the problem is chronic, the doctor may administer an injection of steroids.
  • Rarely is surgery performed.

While having foot tendonitis is painful, it is curable. The treatment can be long and seem unbearable but there will be an end to it all.

It is necessary to follow all of the instructions given so proper healing can take place.

Tendonitis foot Treatment

It varies according to the part of the foot that got affected. It can be Achilles or Patellar tendonitis. Achilles is an injury that is common to basket ball and volley ball players due to jumping and hard landings.

It effects mainly on those who are not well trained on sports. Doing exercises without guidance of a practitioner can result in serious dysfunction called tendonitis foot.

• Local stiffness and discomfort in joints.
• Difficult to stand on toes.
• Burning sensation and pain around inflamed tendon.
• Unable to move muscles as it gets harder.
• Feeling acute disability to move around freely.

• As in the case of every medical condition, rest is a must.
• Apply ice to the inflamed portion of body.
• Nowadays, aerobic exercises are practiced – compression and elevation exercises.
• Laser therapy researches are going on for the treatment of tendonitis.
• Trials are carried out in new techniques to heal the inflamed tendon.
• Exercises should be en-trained in presence of a fitness practitioner.

Acute pain of tendonitis takes its serious turn in evenings when stiffness of foot becomes tiresome. Swelling is due to fluid accumulation around nerves in tendons.

Tibial tendons get hardened with swelling. Long hours of inactivity in office workers also result in tendonitis.

As detection is easier, it can be cured if treated earlier. Minor exercises and massaging of limbs will get rid of hard feeling appearing in areas around joints.

Aged people get affected by inflammation due to smoothening of muscles and so it leads to weakening of movements.


The treatment is advised according to the age of patient. It differs in old and middle aged people.

According to the body language, an exercise varies from physiotherapy to smooth muscle compression and elevation exercises.

Spending some time for regular exercise can get rid of this inflammation in office workers.

Less laborious work should be done after confirming that one is suffering from tendonitis. Adequate rest and intake of anti-inflammatory drugs for an allotted time will reduce the pain and lead to getting better.

However, you must seek for proper medical assistance if you are suffering from a serious case of tendonitis foot.