swivel bar stool, best swivel bar stoolMost consumers appreciate a swivel bar stool above all other types of bar stools. Or, rather, they appreciate that their bar stools should swivel, not as a type of bar stool, but as an understood prerequisite to their bar stool. This is great, seeing that most bar stool styles do include that fun and convenient swivel feature.

Why is the swivel so essential? Part of the reason that bar stools have taken such a hit among furniture buyers is that they are slim and lightweight. They can multi-function in dining, kitchen, and bar areas. The swivel feature means that the chair swallows even less space; turning chairs around amongst company is done without any knees or toes bruised. Maneuvering in small spaces is made easy with the swivel.

The original bar stool was built to be functional. Today, function and style come together. Swivel bar stools, too, are available in nearly all designs. Wherever you need them; indoor, outdoor, kitchen, or dining rooms, you’ll find them simple or decorative.

The basic wood swivel bar stool is to the point; classy, straight lines without delicate carvings or fancy upholstery. These look excellent in any kitchen or bar, suitable for any casual company. There are backless styles and upholstered styles. The traditional upholstery is leather, as it doesn’

t tear or stain easily. But since bar stools have become so popular, designers have broadened the styles. Consider these two beautiful chairs:

The Montello swivel bar stool is an elegant design, usually of polished metal with leather upholstery. The frame has a sweeping, elegant shape and intricate castings. The legs boast a beautiful double arch. Montello stools are decorative enough to appear in the dining area as well as a high-class bar. A Normandy swivel bar stool is just as beautiful, albeit with a more traditional look; the Normandy’

s frame of dark, polished, and carved wood, often with a highlighting finish. The upholstery is a soft fabric.

Most swivel bar stools can be bought at either bar or counter heights. The seat of a counter height frame is shorter than bar height by about 5 inches. The total height is shorter by only 3 or 4. However, some of the popular styles can also be found as adjustable swivel bar stool. That stool can travel with you from room to room, from table to counter to bar. Between swiveling and adjustable height, your bar stool can do anything anywhere.