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17 Best Square Coffee Tables for 2021


square coffee table, Best square coffee table, square tableA square coffee table makes a great centerpiece for any room.

Placed in a perfect spot of your living room, the overall style, look, and feel of your living room will change significantly.




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Best Square Coffee Table Reviews

1. Ameriwood Home Carver Coffee Table, Gray

Ameriwood Home Carver Square Coffee Table, GrayCheck Price On Amazon

2. Signature Design by Ashley – Aldwin Square Coffee Table, Gray

Signature Design by Ashley - Aldwin Square Coffee Table, GrayCheck Price On Amazon

3. ioHOMES Clyde Industrial Wood Coffee Table with Caster Wheels, Vintage Walnut

ioHOMES Clyde Industrial Wood Coffee Table with Caster Wheels, Vintage WalnutCheck Price On Amazon

4. Sauder Manhattan Gate Coffee Table

Sauder Manhattan Gate Coffee TableCheck Price On Amazon

5. VASAGLE INDESTIC Coffee Table, Square Cocktail Table with Steel Frame and Mesh Storage Shelf

VASAGLE INDESTIC Coffee Table, Square Cocktail Table with Steel Frame and Mesh Storage ShelfCheck Price On Amazon

6. Abington Lane Contemporary Square Coffee Table

Abington Lane Contemporary Square Coffee TableCheck Price On Amazon

7. Convenience Concepts Monterey Square Coffee Table, Weathered Gray

Convenience Concepts Monterey Square Coffee Table, Weathered GrayCheck Price On Amazon

8. International Concepts Java Square Coffee Table Unfinished

International Concepts Java Square Coffee Table UnfinishedCheck Price On Amazon

9. International Concepts Coffee Table, Unfinished

International Concepts Coffee Table, UnfinishedCheck Price On Amazon

10. Signature Design by Ashley – Coylin Glass Top Square Coffee Table, Brushed Nickel Finish

Signature Design by Ashley – Coylin Glass Top Square Coffee Table, Brushed Nickel FinishCheck Price On Amazon

11. Signature Design by Ashley – Haroflyn Rustic Square Cocktail Table, Gray

Signature Design by Ashley - Haroflyn Rustic Square Cocktail Table, GrayCheck Price On Amazon

12. Convenience Concepts Omega Square 36″ Coffee Table, White

Convenience Concepts Omega Square 36Check Price On Amazon

13. SIMPLIHOME Owen 36 inch Wide Square Coffee Table

SIMPLIHOME Owen 36 inch Wide Square Coffee TableCheck Price On Amazon

14. Modern Square Coffee Table End Table, Industrial Metal Frame Side Table for Living Room

Modern Square Coffee Table End Table, Industrial Metal Frame Side Table for Living RoomCheck Price On Amazon

15. Walker Edison Metal and Wood Square Coffee Table Living Room Accent Ottoman Storage Shelf

Walker Edison Metal and Wood Square Coffee Table Living Room Accent Ottoman Storage ShelfCheck Price On Amazon

16. Convenience Concepts Oxford 36″ Square Coffee Table, Driftwood /White

Convenience Concepts Oxford 36Check Price On Amazon

17. Seaside Lodge White Coffee Table by Home Styles

Seaside Lodge White Coffee Table by Home StylesCheck Price On Amazon

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Why use a Square Coffee table?

The coffee table is a popular item today that is found in almost all homes in the country. Today, coffee tables are made from several different types of materials.

Let’s look at some of the most widely used materials around to create coffee tables for modern-day users.

Slate Square Coffee Tables

Slate rocks are extremely sturdy me trials which were previously used only as flooring or siding for the home. Only in recent years, people have discovered the beauty and potential of this material to be used as a tabletop.

Slate coffee tables certainly add that touch of slate and grandeur to any living room.

Square Lucite Coffee Table

Lucite is transparent plexiglass that mimics the appearance of glass but is more durable and easier to work with than glass.

Lucite can be colored and frosted to create some of the most breathtaking displays of artwork. The unique coffee tables we have in the marketplace mostly lakes use this new material to create really stunning effects.

Leather coffee tables and would not make a good match if you have kids around or worse, pets.

Cats and dogs love to scratch their claws on furniture and just imagine what happens if your precious pet were to enjoy a session of vigorous scratching on the newly purchased leather coffee table.

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Square Glass Top Coffee Tables

The glass coffee table is elegant and classy and it can be matched into any theme you have for your living room.

The sheer ability enjoys the materials you place beneath the table is another bonus when you have a glass coffee table in your home.

If you have an expensive carpet, you may want to invest in a glass coffee table.

Get a Square Coffee Table set

I have talked about getting more than one square coffee table for your living space, but in this post, I am going to talk about purchasing a coffee table set.

Coffee table sets are a good alternative to buying multiple coffee tables of the same size and shape.

A coffee table set can complement your living space by following the same theme you already have for the room. You may have a Victorian-style house or room and want to get a wrought iron table for this.

That would be an excellent addition to the room.

If you have a modern home, you may want to lean towards oak coffee tables. Your coffee table set can include a sofa table or a round end table to make the set complete.

If you are ambitious and want to go all out, you can purchase the whole furniture set with your coffee table set. You can get complete furniture sets from stores like Value City Furniture or La-Z-Boy.

Their stores show you how all the furniture can work together to make the perfect living space. You can once again decide how elegant or simple you want the room to be. You can get more contemporary furniture set with microfiber sofas and glass coffee tables.

The microfiber is usually stain-resistant and easy to clean, so that would be a practical choice if you have animals or younger kids.

If you want to go with a more elegant style, you can get leather furniture with oak coffee tables. You will be sure to impress your friends with that combination.

Different Types of Large Square Coffee Table

A square coffee table is a square-shaped low table designed to support beverages, magazines, books, and other small items used while sitting. It is usually placed before a sofa or couch.
Coffee tables are among the most common furniture you’ll find in living rooms and sitting rooms. They vary in different prices, styles, and shapes. Some coffee tables also have cabinets or drawers for storage.

The most popular raw materials used for making coffee tables are wood and metal. Stainless steel and aluminum serve as very good sources for metal coffee tables.

The production of coffee tables in the 20th and 21st centuries has also been influenced by advances in industrial technology that have made it possible for materials such as glass to be used for making coffee tabletops.

Coffee tables are of different types with different features but there are three types that will be discussed in this article.

Large Square Ottoman Coffee Table

The first coffee tables that were designed in the 18th century were far from being low.

In fact, tables at that time were as high as 27 inches but with the innovation from the ottoman empire towards the end of the 19th century, a new kind of coffee table was introduced which was known as the Ottoman coffee table.

The exceptional feature of the ottoman coffee table was the decrease in height from the conventional coffee tables as they were designed to be as low as tables used in tea gardens.

This type of coffee table is known for two main features, namely:

  • Large width
  • Lowness in height

These kinds of tables usually have widths between 22 inches and 36 inches on both sides.

Large coffee tables always create a stunning focal point in any room and can look very elegant with a range of cool design features to enhance their appearance. Examples of features that can make coffee tables look outstanding are:

  • Plain or buttoned design
  • Modern or traditional legs
  • Colorful and eye-catching choice of fabrics
  • Leathers to suit your home and tally with your sofa.

Extra Large Square Coffee Table

This is another type of square coffee table which is most likely the largest square coffee table available in the market.

Extra-large square coffee tables have widths that fall between 38 inches and 50 inches. Due to its large size, it can also serve other purposes aside from its main purpose as a coffee table:

  • The table can serve as a footrest for you to stretch your legs on its perimeter while you are sitting on the sofa
  • It can serve as extra seating when your neighbors visit
  • the table can also serve as a bedroom bench

A nice tray on it gives it the perfect look of a coffee table. Upholstery and furniture experts will always advise that the colors of the coffee table should tally with that of the sofa in your living or sitting room to give the room the best appearance possible.

Large Square Coffee Tables with Drawers

Some people go for a coffee table because of its shape, size, or appearance while others purchase it because it provides extra space for them to store, hide, or display other items.

A coffee table can either come with an open shelf, a cabinet, or a drawer that can be closed or even locked.

A large square coffee table with drawers will provide you with a considerable amount of extra storage. Examples of such items are:

  • Books
  • Remote controls
  • Kid’s toys

More Tips

Locks are also available for the drawers on request. So if you think there are some items you should prevent the kids from having access to, then you should go for a coffee table with locks.

There is also a difference between coffee tables with drawers that have legs and tables without legs. Large coffee tables with drawers but without legs will give you extra storage space than what you get from coffee tables with legs.

On the other hand, a coffee table with legs can also give a more stylish look and more floor space to give the room a more spacious feel, making its appearance more stunning and attractive.

square glass coffee table

The square glass coffee table has developed into a modern home furnishing piece that provides sharp style and maximum function. Although the glass tables often become easy to scratch and smudge, some designs incorporate stronger finishes that are resistant to permanent damage.

Along with these advances, glass coffee tables also incorporate the use of several other materials and detachable bases for easy transportation and relocating.

Many glass coffee table models have a large enough service to provide more than just a place to set drinks or magazines. Some provide enough room for small shelves, other decorating pieces, lamps, and laptops.

Other than having the ability to completely crack or shatter, glass does serve as a more durable and efficient surface material when compared to wood and plastics. A square glass coffee table can easily be cleaned with glass cleaners or just water.

Surface materials like wood become damaged and often get permanently damaged or stained when liquid sits on them for too long. Glass can resist liquid staining or surface damage unlike the other material choices available.

Another key feature offered through glass top coffee tables to match the living space in which they are placed. The often translucent material shows color and light through its surface and rather than matching the color or stain of wood or plastic to a room, glass can simply take in the surrounding elements to provide an exact match.

Glass in different conditions

However, the material does fit distinctly well in certain conditions, such as sectional sofas. The square glass coffee table often fits best in modern and contemporary style homes with solid colors and simple characteristics.

Since glass has the ability to bend or be cut into virtually any shape imaginable, from basic to exquisite, they blend into all modern style homes. Ultimately, the choice of glass as a table or appliance provides you with multiple purposes and design styles, along with ease of cleaning and a lack of concern for major damages caused by simple occurrences.

A square glass coffee table can be found at home improvement retailers, furniture, and home appliance stores, plus the several Internet-based companies that specialize in the distribution of furniture and home decorations.

Price ranges vary in large amounts due to the combination of materials used, the size of the table, and the brand that manufactures the product. Tables can be found for a few hundred dollars up to a few thousand dollars.

Consider Materials When Buying a Square Coffee Table

So you’ve determined that a square coffee table will best fit your room and furniture arrangement, and you may have even picked out a few styles that you like.

But, have you considered what material this highly used furniture piece will best suit your needs?

Here are some considerations to think about regarding the material of your square coffee table:

Use—Use is really the most important factor when choosing your coffee table. Coffee tables have a plethora of uses and some materials are going to be more durable than others depending on what those uses are. Figure out what the most frequent use is going to be, then decide the strength and durability you need.

Lower-end Materials

For lower-end, less durable materials, look for tables made of particleboard, MDF, or plywood material.

They are typically lighter to carry/move and are sometimes hollow or nearly hollow inside the top and/or legs.

Because of the nearly hollow inside, gouges and punctures may be tricky to repair and serve as major eyesores.

MDF may be painted but particleboard and plywood will likely be finished with thin wood or plastic laminate material on top.

Budget-friendly square coffee tables made from these materials can work out just fine for many people, but keep in mind that heavy objects set on top may cause bowing.

The lighter weight of the material may make the table more apt to slide out of place, and certain finishes/coatings may be subject to staining and water rings from drinks that drip with condensation.

Classic Material

The most classic material for a square coffee table is wood. Wood is solid and durable and can come in a variety of appealing grain patterns and painted or stained finishes.

However, a square wood coffee table is still subject to warping in dry environments so keep it polished to give it a little moisture.

Some solid wood coffee tables still have a laminate finish to protect against water rings while others will have a thick coat of clear wax that may still suffer stains. Learn how to build a square farmhouse coffee table.

You don’t have to worry about punctures, but chips, gouges, and cracks are still possible, though there are many materials available at home improvement stores made for fixing or disguising these imperfections.

Other Materials

There are many square coffee tables that go beyond the classic look and are made with a variety of solid and mixed materials.

Some of these materials include wood with solid surface tops or insets (glass, marble, granite, slate), cast iron, and metal.

There are also options to use one material for the top while choosing a different material for the legs.

Choose your material(s) carefully to get the most durability for the use of your square coffee table!

A Square Coffee Table with Coasters

A common decision that has to be made regarding a coffee table is what you are going to put on it.

A square coffee table can be used for many things, and coasters are one of those items.

Coasters – These are very practical since most people like to enjoy their beverage of choice while sitting down. I prefer coasters that contain cork since it absorbs most of the condensation.

The ones I use have a ceramic rim and have cork both on the top and on the bottom. They are a little heavy, but well worth it.

They are especially useful in warmer weather since cold drinks have a tendency to sweat profusely.

If you are looking for something a little more casual, you can buy rubber coasters.

Those usually have dimples that allow for water to collect at the bottom, kind of like a welcome rubber mat you would put in a mudroom.

If you want something a little nicer, but not too expensive, Target sells several different types of Tile coasters that look very nice. You can find a variety of coasters from other retailers like Macy’s and Wal-Mart.