Southwestern RugsSouthwestern rugs add a splash of character to any floor. These distinctive designs reflect the traditions of the American Southwest: from Native American tribes and Spanish missionary contacts.

The motifs curiously resemble some Middle Eastern design traditions. But Southwest design area rugs come from unique cultural sources.


Best Southwestern Rugs Review

1. Vergara Southwestern Rose Area Rug


southwestern area rugs

Finding the perfect southwestern area rugs for your property is always a matter of choosing a style that you know is going to make the room come to life. When you’re looking for the gold standard, you’re going to want a Navajo style rug.

These are made to be colorful and have those unique western designs that are so common with southwestern types of home products. What’s more, they feature the more complicated style of intricate designs as well, so you know they are going to be something that you really adore adding to your home.

They can be a bit more expensive, but nothing gives you the same elegance as authentic rugs of Navajo make.

Colors and styles

If you’re looking to get a bit more away from so many colors, and you want to go with more of the typical southwestern scheme, you want to get those that feature more basic combinations.

For that, you want the classic Oaxaca style southwestern area rugs. These are more made to feature that unique style that goes with the western feel of a real rancher or cowboy’s home.

This way, you can get those browns and reds that really capture the feel of the desert, and of driving cattle across a range, right on your floor. What’s more, there are all sorts of hand made designs for elegance, or even machine woven so that you can save money on your floor.


Of course, when you’re looking for the perfect southwestern area rugs, what you’re also going to find is that you just want to find the perfect style. You can find those that feature a more circular, or rectangular shape, and it really depends upon the room.

For smaller rooms, circular can be better and can make more of an impact. But for a hallway or a long dining room, nothing works quite so well as a long rectangular rug to really add an impact to the feel of the entire floor.

When you’re looking to buy southwestern area rugs, you can find all sorts of options by shopping online, usually at lower prices than you’ll find anywhere else.

Through sites like or, you can typically find just the type of rug you could want for your home. You’ll find that nothing adds character to a sitting room like southwestern area rugs, and they will be a welcome addition anywhere.

Why they are known as Southwest area Rugs

Southwest area rugs are actually any kind of rug whose design hails from the southwestern part of America. This means that they are available in many different styles, ranging from stark traditional to contemporary styles that have been inspired by traditional motifs.

They can be extremely bright and attractive and they can also be subtle and toned down. This makes these rugs quite simple to use with almost any style of interior decoration.

Southwestern Area Rugs – Cleaning Methods

Southwestern area rugs are really an artwork and care should be given to preserving its beauty care. Over several months, dirt, stains, and dust will gather and harm the rug.

Every day routine maintenance of your Southwestern area rugs to keep the level of quality your Navajo style carpet, vacuum it the alternate day to get rid of big items of dust and strong particle which may residue inside the rug.

It’s recommended that rugs ought to be washed carefully when yearly and have to be shipped to a professional cleaner who specializes in washing rugs. It will fix the shine and wonder that this southwestern rug has earlier. It ought to be delivering for steam or dry rug cleaning, according to the producers’ recommendation.

Do-it-yourself Cleaning of the Navajo Rugs Yet, rather than delivering your rug to the professional carpet cleaning service, one other popular southwestern area rug cleaning technique is you can Do-it-yourself the cleaning in the home.

As mentioned, read the label and guidance from the producer. Next, hire the gear that’s able to do the carpet cleaning projects. If your Navajo rug is made from synthetic fibers, the under two cleaning techniques recommended could be used.

The carpet cleaners’ solution shouldn’t contain every soap or detergent for you to preserve the wonderful piece of rug you appreciated.

Several rugs cleaning ways to consider

The 1st way is the Bonnet rug cleaning method. It’s a machine having a pad that spins when it’s switched on. In this way, dirt is well absorbed into the pad. The benefit of in this way is it is the charge to hire the cleaning device is low.

The other technique is the dry cleaning carpet technique. On this method, the dry absorbing compound is sprinkled with the machine. This substance attracts the dirt also to it. And it’s cleaned up through the machine.

Before using this technique, it’s recommended that this carpet is vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner to avoid pieces of solid dirt. This can be to avoid big pieces of a strong particle through choking the cleaning device.

The benefit of using this technique is your carpet is constantly dry. However white powdery deposits may be left behind once a lot of dry absorbent substances are utilized.

The Importance of Southwest Area Rugs

Southwestern area rugs are usually inspired by traditional Navajo motifs – and made in the style of Turkish carpets. The combination of these two different sources of inspiration makes the patterns on the rugs extremely unique and attractive.

This is why these rugs are extremely popular in the market – and much admired by visitors when you use them in your home. Like all area rugs, these rugs are also extremely convenient to use.

All one needs to do is to simply place the rug on the part of the floor where he or she wants it to be. The installation of this kind of floor decorating requires none of the hassles involved in the installation of wall-to-wall carpeting or floor tiling – the other forms of floor decoration that you might be considering as alternatives.

Styling Your Interiors with Southwest Area Rugs

Decorating the interior of your home with a southwest area rug is a very simple process. This is because these rugs are available in many different patterns and color schemes that can complement almost any kind of theme decoration within the home. These rugs can be bright and attractive or subtle and classy, with traditional Navajo motifs or contemporary artistic motifs. Pink rugs are awesome for girls’ rooms.

You should select your rug carefully, keeping in mind the color scheme and interior decoration theme in your house. If your house is classy and sophisticated you should use duller tones for the floor decoration, whereas if your house is warm and cozy, a lighter and brighter element of color might look better.

Where to Look for Southwest Area Rugs

These rugs are available in any home accessory store but the best place to find these rugs is on the internet. This is because you can easily access hundreds of products, sold by different companies on different websites, and compare prices to get yourself a good deal.

Navajo rug

This company’s products feature Southwest design rugs that combine many traditional motifs. These bold geometrics blend harmoniously. Their area rugs are wonderful when used in a décor grouping. They are perfect for hardwood or stone flooring. These rugs add a touch of vibrant color and warm rustic charm to a room.

Patterns derived from Navajo symbolism. You’ll find them on rugs used for instance in sweat lodges. So they look at home in displays of other Navajo crafts such as pottery and baskets.

Navajo rug fine quality Southwest rugs are handmade on upright looms–the same type used by the Navajo in the early 1700s. The company has a collection showcasing historic weavings, many over a hundred years old. We truly are the ideal resource for novice and expert collectors of the Southwest area and room-sized rugs.

Navajo rug Southwest throw rugs are an oxymoron. These are items you wouldn’t want to throw away. They appreciate in value through the years. So these are precious family heirlooms. Acquiring any of the company’s is exactly like making an investment in a piece of artwork.

Zapotec Rugs

Rugs by the Zapotecs are among the Southwest’s design classics. They grace many ranches, lodges, cabins, and homes. These are considered spirit rugs. Designs come from nature and tribal motifs.

Traditionally, these rugs have been endowed with spiritual power. Red, blue, black, turquoise, and green combine to make a pallet of powerful colors. But these Southwest wool rugs have an effect as tranquil as a desert morning.

Each Zapotec Southwest area rug is handwoven on a vertical wood-framed loom. In olden times, native American tribes even spun their own cotton thread. Using a shuttle, different colored yarns are spun together into geometric masterpieces.

Adda rug

This company’s collections feature Southwestern and Native American designs. The rugs in these groups are made of are 100% wool yarns. Some collections are machine-made. While the designs are southwestern, these rugs are hand-tufted in China or India.

Rugs have a 1/2-inch yarn pile height and cotton backing. Some collections are thicker: hand-knotted with a 3/4-inch yarn pile height. The Modern collection of Southwest kitchen rugs is machine-made, using yarn in desert colors.

Southwest style area rugs are products of tradition and artistry. They’re the perfect touches of culture in any room.